The YXW United States Championship is an active championship in YXW (YouTube Xtreme Wrestling). It is the third most prestigious championship in YXW. The first champion was Mart War, who was crowned champion at YXW Fast Lane S01 when he defeated Derek to become the first ever champion. Straight Code Star has the longest reign of 5 Months (Madison Square Garden S01 - WrestleMania 2 S02). Tyson Victor has the shortest reign of 0 days. Mart War & Straight Code Star share the most number of title reigns at 2. The current champion is Brett Storm, who is in his first reign as champion.

Title HistoryEdit

# Wrestler Reign Event Defenses Notes
1 Mart War 1 Fast Lane S01 2 Inaugural Champion
2 Luke Harper 1 Versus S01 0 It was a No Disqualification Match
3 Mart War 2 Money In The Bank S01 1
4 Straight Code Star 1 Madison Square Garden S01 2 It was a Steel Cage Match
5 Joshie P 1 WrestleMania 2 0 It also involved Demon Spyke
6 Straight Code Star 2 Extreme Rules S02 0 It was an Extreme Rules Match
7 Caesar Dan 1 Untelevised Live Event 1
8 MD Shockz 1 Survivor Series S02 0
9 Tyson Victor 1 Royal Rumble S03 0 It was a Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match
10 Zack Thompson 1 Royal Rumble S03 1 It was for Zack's Feast or Fired Briefcase
11 Brett Storm 1 Extreme Rules S03 3+ It was a Last Man Standing Match

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