Summerslam S03
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Promotion Youtube Xtreme Wrestling
Brand(s) RAW & Smackdown
Date 19 July 2017
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Last Event YXW Money In The Bank S03
Next Event YXW Payback

Triple Threat Match for the YTW Championship
Sean Avery (c) vs. Demon Spyke vs. XBC Leader

Ghostface vs. Seth Turner

XCW Championship
Brendan X (c) vs. Mike House

The Order (Mart War, RX Raven, & Deadman) vs. Mario Sanchez, AJ Reyes, & Phenom

Triple Threat TLC Match for the YXW Cruiserweight Championship
Angel Alexander (c) vs. Eddy Maverick vs. Deshawn Jackson

Max Mercury vs. Johnny Extreme

YXW Intercontinental Championship
TKE (c) vs. Devin Sanchez

YXW World Hardcore Championship
Jake Navor (c) vs. Triple X

3 Stages of Hell Match
Mahadi Khan vs. Vandy

Shingo vs. Tony Wolf

No Disqualification Match
Max Styles vs. Vixx

YXW United States Championship (If Zack Loses, He Must Leave XBC)
Brett Storm (c) vs. Zack Thompson

Jacob Cass vs. Joshie P

Jack Roberts vs. A.King

YXW Tag Team Championship
X Bullet Club (Kenny Taylor & Reggie Killer) (c) vs. The Silver Brothers (Alex & Jason Silver)

Andrew Carter vs. Ty Crews


# Results Stipulations
1 Angel Alexander (c) def. Deshawn Jackson & Eddy Maverick Triple Threat Ladder Match for the YXW Cruiserweight Championship
2 Andrew Carter def. Ty Crews Singles Match
3 X Bullet Club (Kenny Taylor & Reggie Killer) (c) vs. The Silver Brothers (Alex & Jason Silver) ended in DCO Tag Team Match for the YXW Tag Team Championship
4 Jack Roberts def. A.King Singles Match
5 Brett Storm (c) def. Zack Thompson Singles Match for the YXW United States Championship
6 Max Styles def. Vixx No Disqualification Match
7 Tony Wolf def. Shingo Chimera Singles Match
8 Jake Navor (c) def. Triple X Extreme Rules Match for the YXW World Hardcore Championship
9 Jacob Cass def. Joshie P Singles Match
10 TKE (c) def. Devin Sanchez Singles Match for the YXW Intercontinental Championship
11 Seth Turner def. Ghostface Singles Match
12 Black Out def. Mahadi Khan 3 Stages of Hell Match
13 Mario SanchezAJ Reyes & Phenom def. The Order (Mart WarRX Raven & Deadman) 6 Man Tag Team Match
14 Brendan X (c) def. Mike House Singles Match for the XCW Championship
15 Max Mercury def. Johnny Extreme Singles Match
16 Vixx def. Sean Avery (c) & Demon Spyke Triple Threat Match for the YTW Championship
  • 5 - As per stipulation, Zack Thompson is out of the XBC. After the match both Brett & Zack would shake hands out of respect. Zack would then get attacked by the XBC Leader & Reggie Killer before being saved by Max Mercury, who surprisingly, fought them off.
  • 7 - Casablanca would attack Jake Navor after the match.
  • 12 - As per stipulation, Deadman & RX Raven are banished from YXW.
  • 15 - X Bullet Club Leader was originally in the match, but he left the match after revealing his origin and that he is the new General Manager of YXW. Vixx would then take over his spot by cashing in his MITB Contract and be revealed as the newest member of the X Bullet Club.