YXW (YouTube Xtreme Wrestling) is a CAW wrestling show formed from two other CAW companies XCW and YTW. It is owned by Johnny Extreme. 

Main RosterEdit


Championship Current Champion(s) Event Won Previous Champion(s)
YTW Championship Vixx YXW Summerslam S03 Sean Avery
XCW Championship Brendan X YXW Backlash S03 Mart War
YXW United States Championship Brett Storm YXW Extreme Rules S03 Zack Thompson
YXW Intercontinental Championship Vandy Phoeuk YXW Payback S03 TKE
YXW World Hardcore Championship Jake Navor YXW Money In The Bank S03 Triple X
YXW Cruiserweight Championship Angel Alexander YXW Cruiserweight Championship Tournament N/A
YXW Tag Team Championship The Silver Brothers (Alex & Jason SIlver) YXW Hell In A Cell S03 X Bullet Club (Kenny Taylor & Reggie Killer)
YXW Divas Championship Sonya YXW WrestleMania 2 N/A



​'YXW 'Hall Of Fame:Edit

  • Christian Styles

Tag Team DivisionEdit

Current Tag Teams/Stables:Edit

  • X Bullet Club (X Bullet Club Leader, Max Mercury, Seth Turner, Kenny Taylor, Reggie Killer, Triple X, Angel Alexander & Vixx)
  • The Silver Brothers (Alex & Jason Silver)

Former Tag Teams:Edit

  • SWED (Roacher & Francaios)
  • Bro Code (Lula, Ginji, & Kid Wild)
  • Mexican Lucha (Mexican Libre & Mystico Jr) 
  • Team Bring It! (DoggyDog & Arrow)
  • New Generation (Brett Storm & Dice)
  • SwitchBlade Conspiracy (Olly Greezly & ET3)
  • Xtreme Icons (Justin Blair & John X)
  • Revolution (David Mill & Dustin Martinez)
  • Chaos & Pain
  • SuperNova (Sinister Z & Furious V)
  • Ty Crews & Andrew Carter
  • Jake Navor & NC4
  • Jayson & Josh Stephens


Season 1:Edit

Season 2:Edit

Season 3:Edit

Season 4 Edit

  • Royal Rumble
  • Elimination Chamber
  • YXWrestlemania 4
  • Extreme Rules (Raw)
  • Vengeance (SD)
  • King Of The Ring
  • Money In The Bank
  • SummerSlam
  • Anarchy (Raw)
  • Chaos (SD)
  • Cyber Sunday
  • December to Dismember

YXW AlumniEdit

See page YXW Alumni

Other Accomplishments Edit

Accomplishment Recent Winner Event Won Previous Winner
Royal Rumble Mart War YXW Royal Rumble S03 Silvio
Raw Money in the Bank Vixx YXW Money In The Bank S03 N/A
SD Money in the Bank Joshie P YXW Money In The Bank S03 N/A
Money in the Bank (Pre-Brand Split) DoggyDog YXW Money In The Bank N/A
Feast or Fired (YTW Title) Max Mercury YXW Feast or Fire N/A
Feast or Fired (XCW Title) Mr. X/Brendan X YXW Feast or Fire N/A
Feast or Fired (IC Title) TKE YXW Feast or Fire N/A
Feast or Fired (US Title) Zack Thompson YXW Feast or Fire N/A
Feast or Fired (Tag Title) Jack Roberts & Demon Spyke YXW Feast or Fire N/A