Wrestlemania 2
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Promotion Youtube Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) Raw
Date March 27, 2011
Venue Universary of Phoenix Stadium
City Glendale, AZ
Theme Song "Crack Addict" by Limp Bizkit
"Written in the Stars" by Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner
Last Event YWE Elimination Chamber
Next Event YWE Extreme Rules 2011


Undisputed Heavyweight Championship
Mr. Black (c) vs. Dynamite

The Undertaker vs. The Angel

Triple Threat Match for the YWE Championship
Antho (c) vs. Phsycoz vs. Grimez

Blue Star vs. Shawn Michaels

Loser Leaves R.K.O.
Scott Razor vs. Rogan

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Phenom vs. Thunder vs. Rocker vs. Double D vs. CrazyOne vs. Tornado

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Victor X vs. Red Dread McCarter

Submission Match
D.B. Dragon vs. PJ Skillz

YWE United States Championship
Kev Diesal (c) vs. Ron Johnson


# Results Stipulations
1 Kev Diesal (c) def. Ron Johnson Singles Match for the YWE United States Championship
2 D.B. Dragon def. PJ Skillz Submission Match
3 Victor X def. Red Dread McCarter Falls Count Anywhere Match

Thunder def. Double D, Crazy One, Tornado, PhenomRocker

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
5 Rogan def. Scott Razor Loser Leaves R.K.O. Match
6 Blue Star def. Shawn Michaels Singles Match
7 Phsycoz def. Antho (c) & Grimez Triple Threat Match for the YWE Championship
8 The Undertaker def. The Angel Singles Match
9 Dynamite def. Mr. Black (c) Singles Match for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship
  • 5. Diesal came down with a steel chair to help one of the members. Razor was getting ready to squash Rogan in the corner, but Rogan pulled the ref in the way and Razor landed on him instead. Both men traded blows until Diesal was getting ready to hit Rogan with the chairs. But he tossed the chair to his boss and Rogan use the chair on Razor. After the match, Rogan and Diesal were beating Scott to a pulp and then Diesal delivered a one-man con-chair-to onto him. Both men leave as they left their former comrade behind.
  • 6. Both shake hands to each other as Blue Star celebrated his win over Mr. Wrestlemania.
  • 7. Antho presented the YWE Title to Phsycoz and Phsycoz was happy of that special moment. Antho went back to the locker room disappointed of his loss.
  • 9. In the final moments of the match, Mr. Black was gonna hit the Spear on Dynamite, but Dynamite moved out of the way and Mr. Black hit the exposed turnbuckle headfirst. Dynamite then hits the Dynamo and wins the match and the championship.


  • Mr. McCarter decided that he had enough because no one listens to him, so he decided that he quits as General Manager of Smackdown. Then Stone Cold Steven Austin came out and gave a Stone Cold Stunner to the former gm. The Rock came out as well and gave him The People's Elbow as well.

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