Survivor Series 2K16
Survivor Series 14
Tagline "Will You Survive?"
Promotion Youtube Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) Raw
Date November 23, 2016
Venue Scottrade Center
City St. Louis, MO
Theme Song "New Romantics" by Hands Like Houses
Last Event YWE Payback 2014
Next Event YWE TLC 2016

Match CardEdit

Last Man Standing Match
The Undertaker vs. Victor X

Undisputed Heavyweight Championship
Phenom (c) vs. Shadow vs. Fayth

YWE Championship
Arrow (c) vs. AJ Reyes

Extreme Rules Match
Silvio vs. Double D

YWE United States Championship
DJ Hero (c) vs. Angel

YWE Intercontinental Championship
Paul Omega (c) vs. Dynamite

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Rocker, Phsycoz, & Dark Shark vs. Jacob Cass, Mr. Amazing, & Ciphea

DoggyDog vs. Nightmare Kid  

YWE Hardcore Championship
Mario Sanchez (c) vs. Ginji


# Results Stipulations
1 Mario Sanchez (c) def. Ginji Extreme Rules Match for the YWE Hardcore Championship
2 DoggyDog def. Nightmare Kid w/Antho Singles Match
3 Rocker, Phsycoz, & Dark Shark def. Jacob CassMr. Amazing, & Ciphea Traditonal Survivor Series Elimination Match
4 Dynamite def. Paul Omega (c) Singles Match for the YWE Intercontinental Championship
5 Angel def. DJ Hero (c) by Count Out Singles Match for the YWE United States Championship
6 Double D def. Silvio Extreme Rules Match
7 Arrow (c) def. AJ Reyes Singles Match for the YWE Championship
8 Shadow def. Phenom (c) & Fayth Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship
9 Victor X def. The Undertaker Last Man Standing Match
  • 2. DoggyDog assaulted Nightmare mercilessly post-match until Antho gives him the AKO.
  • 3. Cass decided to head for the hills then deal with the rest of Team Rocker.
  • 5. DJ Hero counted him out as Angel wasn't too pleased of the end result.
  • 6. Double D had his feet on the ropes as the referee made the pinfall. After the match, Silvio spears Double D out of being pissed off via getting screwed out.
  • 8. Phenom and Shadow brawled in the ring and ringside before the match even started until Fayth came out.
  • 9. Undertaker look at the crowd in disappointment of how the match ended as the crowd giving the Phenom a standing ovation.

Survivor Series Elimination MatchesEdit

Team Cass vs. Team RockerEdit

Elimination No. Wrestler Team  Eliminated By
1 Ciphea Team Cass Rocker
2 Mr. Amazing Team Cass Phsycoz
3 Jacob Cass Team Cass Count Out
Survivors Team Rocker (Clean Sweep) Team Rocker N/A