Summerslam 2K12
YWE Summerslam 2K12
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Promotion Youtube Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) Raw
Date August 19, 2012
Venue Staples Center
City Los Angeles, CA
Theme Song "Tonight Is The Night" by Outasight
"Don't Give Up" by Kevin Rudolf
Last Event YWE Money In The Bank
Next Event YWE Night Of Champions 2012


Steel Cage Match for the YWE Championship
Phenom (c) vs. Double D

Extreme Rules Match
Victor X vs. Phsycoz

Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship
Rogan (c) vs. Mr. Black vs. Dark Shark

Blue Star vs. Grimez

Dynamite vs. Angel

MITB Contract
Scott Razor (h) vs. Antho

YWE Intercontinental Championship
Thunder vs. Jay Samoa

Fayth vs. Lula

Triple Threat Match for the YWE United States Championship
PJ Skillz (c) vs. Nightmare Kid vs. Shadow

YWE Tag Team Championship
J2Dread (Justin James & Red Dread) (c) vs. Dark Angels (Rick & Azrael)


# Results Stipulations
1 Dark Angels (Rick & Azrael) def J2Dread (Justin James & Red Dread) (c) Tag Team Match for the YWE Tag Team Championship
2 Shadow def. PJ Skillz (c) & Nightmare Kid Triple Threat Match for the YWE United States Championship
3 Lula vs. Fayth ended in No Contest Singles Match
4 Thunder (c) def. Jay Samoa Singles Match for the YWE Intercontinental Championship
5 Scott Razor (h) def. Antho Raw MITB Contract Match
6 Angel def. Dynamite Singles Match
7 Grimez def. Blue Star Singles Match
8 Rogan (c) def. Mr. Black and Dark Shark Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed Heavyweight CHampionship
9 Victor X def. Phsycoz Extreme Rules Match
10 Double D def. Phenom (c) Singles Match for the YWE Championship
  • 1. Red Dread try to head backstage but blocked by Jeff Evascene.
  • 3. Bro Code (Domination & Kid Wild) help out their bro, Lula. All members of Bro Code try to take down Fayth, but Fayth was too much for them. Then Mr. Ace made his shocking return and about to fire Fayth but Fayth went after him as Mr. Ace hightailed before Fayth got his hands on him. Bro Code then announced that they're members of the Raw Roster.
  • 7. Grimez uses multiple steel chair shots on Blue Star including one post-match.
  • 8. After the match, Mr. Black hit the Black Hammer Slam on Rogan.
  • 9. Both men were fighting on the top of a ladder until Victor X hit a Twist of Fate off the top of the ladder onto the floor as Phsycoz' head landed on the steel steps. After the match, both men were stretchered to the back.
  • 10. Both men were neck to neck all the way climbing the cage until Double D landed his feet on the floor first before Phenom. As Double D was posing on the stage, CrazyOne landed on him after diving from top of the titantron.


  • Domination and Kid Wild of Bro Code talk backstage of they gonna help out Lula or not in his match against the monster, Fayth.
  • Johnny B. Rockin' need tell something important to Icon and that something was that his name is Johnny B. Rockin' because Johnny be rocking, baby!
  • Ace left the arena in a limo in a damn hurry because Fayth was right on his heels. Fayth was still chasing him until Johnny B. Rockin' stop hi. Rockin' almost say his infamous line but Fayth gave him a big boot for his troubles.
  • Antho attack Scott Razor as Razor was having a post-match interview then Antho stole Razor's MITB briefcase.

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