Payback 2K16
YWE Payback 2K16
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Promotion Youtube Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) YWE Smackdown
Date May 15, 2016
Venue Allstate Arena
City Rosemont, IL
Theme Song "Price to Pay" by Staind
Last Event YWE Backlash 2016
Next Event YWE Survivor Series 2016


Undisputed Heavyweight Championship
Phenom (c) vs. Shadow

Victor X vs. Dynamite

Triple Threat Match for the YWE Intercontinental Championship
Paul Omega (c) vs. Crazy One vs. Diamond Deuce

Silvio vs. Double D

YWE Hardcore Championship
Ginji (c) vs. Mario Sanchez

Mr. Amazing vs. Tristan McKnight


Mr Amazing vs Tristan Knight: Mr Amazing was never a fan of Mr. Ace's brand of Wrestling as he wanted to portray a more serious character rather than a happy go lucky cruiser-weight, which is why he left YWE in the first place. Now that Ace is no longer in charge he now says he can now be himself.

Hardcore Title: Ginji issued an Hardcore title open challenge which Mario accepts. He claims after watching Phenom win the UHC he is more fired up than ever and if anyone gets in his way of reaching that same success he will finish them quickly

Silvio vs Double D: Mr. Ace's last signing, Silvio, Competes in a YWE ring for the first time against Double D after their confrontation at Vengeance. Double D has gone on record of saying Im tired of all these new guys coming here and thinking they can take my spot".

IC Title: Paul Omega vs Diamond Deuce vs CrazyOne: Paul Omega must defend his title against his arch rival Diamond Deuce and CrazyOne, Has Paul Omega's luck finally run out?

Victor X vs Dynamite: While traveling from the house show, Victor X claimed there is no more room for people like Dynamite on this roster. those words angered Dynamite so he put his own title aspirations behind him and now wants to teach Victor X a lesson.

UHC Title: Phenom(c) vs Shadow: Phenom became the only Superstar in YWE history to win every active title on the brand when he won the UHC from Shadow who held on to the title for just under a year. Shadow, Who was acting very paranoid during the end of his title run, has seemed to calm down and maintained his composure. In his mind he knows hes the better man as he now is on the hunt for his second UHC title.


# Results Stipulations
1 Mr. Amazing def. Tristan McKnight Singles Match
2 Mario Sanchez def. Ginji (c) Singles Match for the YWE Hardcore Championship
3 Silvio def. Double D Singles Match
4 Paul Omega (c) def. Diamond Deuce & Crazy One Triple Threat Match for the YWE Intercontinental Championship
5 Victor X def. Dynamite Singles Match
6 Phenom (c) vs. Shadow ended in No Contest Singles Match for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship

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