Money in the Bank 2K17
YWE Money in the Bank 2K17
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Promotion Youtube Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) YWE Raw
YWE Smackdown
Date July 16, 2017
Venue T-Mobile Arena
City Paradise, NV
Theme Song "No Surrender" by Cold Kingdom
Last Event YWE Elimination Chamber 2017
Next Event tbd

Match CardEdit

Triple Threat Match for the YWE Championship
Alieus (c) vs. PJ Skillz vs. AJ Reyez

Undisputed Heavyweight Championship
Mario Sanchez (c) vs. Victor X

Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Phenom vs. Max Mercury vs. DoggyDog vs. Brett Storm vs. Paul Omega vs. Diamond Deuce

Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Silvio vs. Arrow vs. Demon Extreme vs. Gold Stallion vs. Shane Hayes vs. Mr. Amazing

YWE Tag Team Championship
New Mexicoolz (Phsychoz & Double D) (c) vs. Bro Code (Lula & Ginji)

YWE Hardcore Championship
Fayth (c) vs. Angel

YWE Intercontinental Championship
Jacob Cass (c) vs. Dynamite

YWE United States Championship
Cipher (c) vs. Justin James


Raw Money in the Bank: Phenom is looking to get back to what matters most, Winning titles. He hopes to win the MITB again. As Max Mercury decided to join the Union, YWE representatives terminated his YWe Title match clause in his NXTournament winner contract which angered Tornado. This has forced him to include him in this match. Tornado has been frustrated as of late because of the friction in the Union, he tells DoggyDog that Max needs to win the match and then he will be a certain member of the Union, DoggyDog says he is NOT a babysitter but will do what must be done. Brett has only been here for two months but has found himself in a huge match that will set him to the path of greatness. Paul claims it is his time to shine and wont let Brett stand in his way while the Diamond Deuce is looking to finally challenge for the big titles and he sees the brief case as THE opportunity.

Smackdown Money in the Bank: Silvio and Arrow have unfinished business but they said they will settle their score at a later date but have both claimed they will win the MITB. Demon Extreme faced his first pin lose at Elimination Chamber to Mario Sanchez but vows to bounce back in this match that is suited for the Extreme one. Gold Stallion and Shane Hayes have impressed of late and have been given this opportunity by Smackdown Commissioner Grimez, while Mr. Amazing vows to bounce back from his consecutive losses to Shane.

IC Tile - Dynamite vs. Jacob Cass(c): Dynamite, who proved to be a great IC Champion finally lost his title to Jacob Cass who took advantage of a great situation in the triple threat Match. An eager Dynamite activate his rematch clause right away but Jacob Cass claims the old man has now passed it and has to make way for the new generation, his generation.

Hardcore Championship - Angel vs Fayth(c): Angel got his revenge on Fayth at the chamber. He wants to put an end to Fayth once and for all after he himself brought him into YWE. He says he will take the Hardcore title with him in the process. Can Angel stop his former bodyguard?

US Championship - Cipher(c) vs J2: Justin James has his sights on becoming US champion again. He has been in the form of his life of late but may have come up to a brick wall as Cipher is not looking to slow down any time soon in is US Title tour.

Tag titles - New Mexicoolz(c) vs Bro Code: Bro Code have decided to target the Tag Team titles in their path of destruction but they may have bitten of more than they can chew as the united brothers New Mexicoolz have been in tremendous form recently. The pair of brothers clash for the titles.

Shadow is very frustrated that he is not the number one contender. Left angry after narrowly losing in the chamber even though he pinned the champion. Grimez gave Victor X his rematch as he had a rematch clause yet Shadow has a problem with that.

UHC Title - Mario Sanchez(c) vs Victor X: "A Disgrace" An Injustice" those were the words of Victor X after he saw Mario Sanchez with "his" World title as he wasn't even pinned by Mario in the chamber, Mario, who wins his first world title says he will put RESPECT back on the biggest prize in YWE, something VX failed to do. Victor X activates his rematch clause.

YWE Title - Alieus(c) vs PJ Skillz vs AJ Reyez: Frustrated by the teamwork The Union have shown of late Tornado has ordered a triple threat match including AJ and PL Skillz. AJ asked PJ Skillz why he decided to bring a chair into the ring at the last CPV when he felt he had the match won. PJ told him that his goal was to injure Alieus as much as possible so that he would never be a Threat to the Unions goals anymore. Tornado tells AJ Reyez that PJ Skills MUST walk out of the Match with the YWE championship. Can Alieus find a way to escape this daunting task?


# Results Stipulations
8 Alieus (c) vs. PJ Skillz vs. AJ Reyez Triple Threat Match for the YWE Championship


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