Mario Schz

The current champion Mario Sanchez

The Hardcore Championship is one of the six current championships in YWE. The Hardcore Title was created at the very beginning of YWE along with the Undisputed Heavyweight, Intercontinental, & Tag Team Titles. The Hardcore Title was deactivated in 2010 up to 2014 where it was brought back. The title is currently in possession of Smackdown. Phsycoz & Phenom share the record for the most reigns at 3. Mario Sanchez is the longest reigning champion with 6 months. Fayth is the current champion in his first reign.

Title HistoryEdit

# Wreslter Reign Event Notes
1 Mr. Amazing 1 Great American Bash Inaugural Champion
2 Hero 1 Unforgiven
3 Sheamus 1 Cyber Sunday It was a Tables Match
4 Rocker 1 WrestleMania Zero
5 Phenom 1 Backlash It was a Ladder Match
6 Rocker 2 Judgement Day It was a Submission Match
7 Phenom 2 Night Of Champions It was a Hardcore Match
8 Phsycoz 1 Summerslam 2009 It also involved Icon & Sheamus
9 Phenom 3 Unforgiven 2009 It was a Hardcore Match
10 Phsycoz 2 No Mercy It was a Tables Match
11 Double D 1 Survivor Series 2009
12 Phsycoz 3 Armageddon 2009 It was a Hardcore Match
13 Double D 2 No Way Out
14 Sheamus 2 WrestleMania 1 It also involved Styles E & Hero
15 Hero 2 Backlash 2010 It also involved Crazy One
16 Kavz 1 RAW before The Bash 
17 Crazy One 1 The Bash It also involved PJ Skillz & D.B. Dragon
Deactivated - Night Of Champions 2010 It was unified with the U.S Title
18 Tristen McKnight 1 Over The Limit 2014 It was a 6 Man Battle Royal that also involved Ginji, J2 Red, Azrael, & Mr. Amazing
19 Ginji 1 Night Of Champions 2014 It was a Falls Count Anywhere Match
20 Mario Sanchez 1 Payback 2016
21 Fayth 1 Wrestlemania 6

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