The Youtube Wrestling Alliance Championship or in short words YWA Championship is the most Prestigious title of the CAW Show "YWA" the title was introduced in the beginning of the show with the name WWE 2K14 World Heavywheight Championship to replace the WWE 2K14 NXT Championship The first Champion was Angus ( now Angus Turner).

The actual Champion is Savior that have a reign of +80 days.

Title History: Edit

# Wrestler Reign Days Held Event Notes
1 Angus (Now Angus Turner) 1 70 Days Non-Televised

He was the last NXT Champion

Inaugural Champion

2 The Hero (Now M-Core) 1 150 Days YWA Satan's Prison

It was an Elimination Chamber Match

It also involved Thunder Punk, Icrone, Savior and Nightmare

3 Savior 1 80+ Days YWA Madison Square Garden Originally a Single match between M-Core and Arrow

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