YUW Money In The Bank is a yearly/seasonal CPV that has been celebrated every year since Season 1. It's theme revolves around Ladder Matches & its titular match, the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

Season 1 (2012):Edit

  • Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Doctor Z vs. Shokka vs. Wildstyle vs. Amazing Troy vs. Ghostface vs. Max Cassidy
  • YUW World Heavyweight Championship: Zack-O (c) vs. Smasher
  • YUW Tag Team Championship: MCMG (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) (c) vs. Steve Rock & 3D
  • YUW European Championship: Viper (c) vs. Nitro
  • YUW Cruiserweight Championship: B. Rob (c) vs. Japan Hero


# Results Stipulations
1 B. Rob (c) def. Japan Hero Singles Match for the YUW Cruiserweight Championship
2 Viper (c) def. Nitro Singles Match for the YUW European Championship
3 MCMG (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) (c) def. 3D Rock (Steve Rock & 3D) Tag Team Match for the YUW Tag Team Championship
4 Zack-O (c) def. The Smasher Singles Match for the YUW World Heavyweight Championship
5 Ghostface def. Amazing TroyDoctor Z, Max Cassidy, Shokka, & Wildstyle Money In The Bank Ladder Match
  • 3 - Steve Rock would betray 3D during the match

Season 2 (2013):Edit

  • YUW World Heavyweight Championship: R.J (c) vs. The Smasher
  • Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Mario Sanchez vs. Viper vs. Zack-O vs. Nathan Withers vs. British Savior vs. Sick Man Mondo
  • Amazing Troy vs. The Wingman
  • YUW Tag Team Championship: Darkside Demons (Wildstyle & Angus) (c) vs. Nathan Diasper & Trey
  • YUW Intercontinental Championship: Doctor Z vs. Nitro vs. B. Rob vs. Hartless
  • Trish Punk vs. Sue


# Results Stipulations
1 Sue def. Trish Punk Non-Title Match
2 Doctor Z def. B. Rob, Nitro, & Hartless Fatal 4 Way Match for the YUW Intercontinental Championship
3 Darkside Demons (Wildstyle & Angus) (c) def. Nathan Diasper & Trey Tag Team Match for the YUW Tag Team Championship
4 Amazing Troy def. The Wingman Singles Match
5 Viper def. Mario Sanchez, British Savior, Zack-O, Nathan Withers, & Sick Man Mondo 6 Man Money In The Bank Ladder Match
6 R.J (c) vs. The Smasher ended in No Contest Singles Match for the YUW World Heavyweight Championship
  • 6 - During the match, R.J. would superplex The Smasher off the top rope and the ring would collapse

Season 3 (2015):Edit

  • Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Antho vs. Sick Man Mondo vs. Jax vs. Zack-O vs. Mario Sanchez vs. Ghostface
  • R.J vs. Hartless
  • Straight Edge Society (The Wingman & Straight Code Star) vs. Tyler Rollins & ???
  • Nightmare Girl vs. Sue
  • B. Rob vs. 3D vs. DoggyDog
  • YUW Tag Team Championship Turmoil Match
  • YUW Divas Championship (Ladder Match): Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Angy


# Results Stipulations
1 Johnny Extreme def. Big Mex Singles Match
2 Beth Phoenix (c) def. Angy Ladder Match for the YUW Divas Championship
3 Biker Boyz (The Smasher & Max Cassidy) (c) vs. Air Punk (Arrow & ED Punk) vs. Darkside Demons (Wildstyle & Angus) ended in No Contest Tag Team Turmoil Match for the YUW Tag Team Championship
4 B. Rob def. DoggyDog & 3D Triple Threat Match
5 Nightmare Girl def. Sue Singles Match
6 Tyler Rollins & Nitro def. Straight Edge Society (Straight Code Star & The Wingman) Tag Team Match
7 Hartless def. R.J Singles Match
8 Ghostface def. Zack-O, Mario SanchezJax, Sick Man Mondo, & Antho 6 Man Money In The Bank Ladder Match
  • 1 - Johnny Extreme would make his debut in YUW by defeating a jobber named Big Mex
  • 3 - Biker Boyz would attack the other teams and render them unable to compete so they could remain champions after they were eliminated. 
  • 4 - Loser was out of the YUW Cruiserweight Title Match at Summerslam
  • 5 - Nightmare Girl would choose a Flaming Tables Match for Antho vs. Mario Sanchez at Summerslam
  • Following the the Divas Match, Mr. Blow would announce regarding the Tag Turmoil Match that the YUW Tag Titles are now vacant and Viper's suspension has been extended to 3 Months.
  • 6 - Aftter the Match, Nitro would attack Tyler Rollins and would then raise the IC Title belt and then throw back at Tyler's body on the ground.
  • 8 - Afetr the match, it was announced by Mr. Blow that Zack-O would have to face him himself at Summerslam in order to get the World Title Shot.

Season 4 (2017):Edit

  • YUW World Heavyweight Championship (Special Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin): Viper vs. Doctor Z 
  • YUW Tag Team Championship: Team Bring It! (Arrow & DoggyDog) (c) vs. Jax & R.J
  • Money In The Bank Ladder Match: AJ Reyes vs. Tyler Rollins vs. Sick Man Mondo vs. Zack-O
  • YUW Cruiserweight Championship (Last Chance Match): B. Rob (c) vs. Nitro
  • SWED (Roacher & Francaios) vs. Kevin & Shawn
  • The Smasher w/Max Cassidy vs. Gabriel Cass w/Mr. Xander
  • YUW Intercontinental Championship: Mario Sanchez (c) vs. Johnny Extreme
  • YUW Women's Championship: Trish Punk (c) vs. Angy


# Results Stipulations

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