WWE 2K17 Playstation 3

YUF World Heavyweight Champion-RAW and Smackdown and NXT

YUF and ECW Unified World Tag Team Champions-RAW and Smackdown and NXT

YUF US Champion-Raw and Smackdown and NXT

YUF IC Champion-Raw and Smackdown and NXT

YUE Superstars RAW and Smackown and NXT

The Rock and Stone cold and Big Rocker and Victor V and Big Show and Kane and Bret Hart

Triple H and Shane Mcmahon and Mr.Ace and Bubba Ray dudley and Devon Dudley and Antho

Shane Hayes and fayth and Victor X and shadow and Mario Sanchez and Roacher and Francaios

Dynamite and Chris Danger and Barron Blade and Sami Zayn and DDP

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