YIW(Youtube Impact Wrestling) Edit

Youtube Impact Wrestling is a new caw federation to debut in 2015. Several PWE originals as well as wrestlers from other federations shall appear.

PWE Stage Edit

PWE was the first stage in YIW. However after sveral months of inactivity the company changed to YIW and will debut in 2015. Link to original channel


Original Logo


YIW Champion - Johnny Extreme

YIW World Heavyweight Champion - PJ Skillz

YIW Intercontinental Champion - Silvio

YIW United States Champion - Mart War

YIW Tag Team Champions - Bro Code (Ginji & Kid Wild)

YIW Hardcore Champion - Antho

ECW Champion - Amazing Troy


Smackdown Edit


Season 1:

  • Royal Rumble
  • Elimination Chamber
  • Wrestlemania 1

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