YCW Over The Limit
Promotion YouTube Championship Wrestling
Brand(s) YCW Smackdown
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Venue {{{venue}}}
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Theme song Crash by Fit For Rivals
Last Event YCW Extreme Rules
Next Event YCW/DWF Invasion
YCW World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match: ED Master vs. Tank vs. Commander Corpse

Alieus vs. Amazing Troy

DJ Hero vs. Hill Jackson

Mart Code vs. Croe VL

YCW Intercontinental Championship Gauntlet Match: Straight Code Star (c) vs. DoMiNick Mercury/Mr. AJmazing/Jacob Cass

YCW Tag Team Championship Match: Johan Nyland & Hollywood (c) vs. The MexMen (Dhase Jr. & Rapido Como Viento)

YCW Cruiserweight Championship Open Challenge: JC (c) vs. David Newman vs. Omega vs. Nathan Withers vs. The Killjoy vs. David Mill 


# Results Stipulations
1 David Mill def. JC (c), David Newman, Nathan WithersOmega, & The Killjoy 6 Man Battle Royal for the YCW Cruiserweight Championship
2 The MexMen (Dhase Jr. & Rapido Como Viento) def. Jonah Nyland & Hollywood (c) Tag Team Match for the YCW Tag Team Championship
3 DJ Hero def. Hill Jackson Singles Match
4 AJ Reyes def. Jacob CassDoMiNick Mercury, & Straight Code Star (c) Gauntlet Match fo the YCW Intercontinental Championship
5 Mart Code def. Croe VL by Count Out Singles Match
6 Amazing Troy def. Alieus Singles Match
7 ED Master (c) def. Tank & Commander Corpse Triple Threat Match for the YCW World Heavyweight Championship
  • 3 - Before the match, Kevin would make his YCW debut before he was interrupted by Hill Jackson who proceeded to attack Kevin until DJ Hero made the save. After the match, Kevin would superkick Hill Jackson.
  • 4 - First DoMiNick Mercury would defeat SCS to become the new YCW Intercontinental Champion; then Jacob Cass would defeat Mercury to become the new YCW IC Champion. Then Mr. AJmazing would come out to announce that he would no longer portray a fictional version of himself and would just go by his real name; AJ Reyes. Then AJ Reyes would defeat Jacob Cass to become the new YCW IC Champion.
  • 7 - During the match, Croe VL would appear and go after Commander Corpse

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