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The X Bullet Club is a villainous CAW stable that appears primarily in YXW (YouTube Xtreme Wrestling) and other promotions such as XWP (Xtreme Wrestling Promotion) & YIFW (YouTube International Federation Wrestling), & Total Impact. The group consists of 5 core members: Max Mercury (Leader), Zack Thompson (Second In Command), Seth Turner (The Flyer), Reggie Killer (The Silencer), Kenny Taylor (The Powerhouse). Other members include Cheryl Townsend (Zack's Girlfriend), DoggyDog, PJ Skillz, X Bullet Club Leader, Angel Alexander, Triple X, & Zachary Welch. The group made it's initial debut as a trio in YXW Valentine's Day Massacre with just Mercury, Thompson, & Turner.

YXW (2016-present)Edit

Season 2Edit

Debut & Formation; YXWrestleMania 2 Edit

At YXW St. Valentines Massacre, Max Mercury, Seth Turner and Zack Thompson would debut in a 6 Man No.1 Contenders Match where the winner would challenge the YTW Champion at WrestleMania 2. After Max Mercury eliminated Mr. X, Seth Turner would throw himself over the ropes making Max Mercury the new No.1 Contenders. After the match, Seth Turner & Zack Thompson would get back in the ring and celebrated with Max Mercury marking the formation of the X Bullet Club with Max Mercury as the leader. This new trio of Mercury, Turner, & Thompson would appear after the main event where they attacked YTW Champion DoggyDog, who would be facing Max Mercury for the YTW Championship at WrestleMania 2. Brett Storm would show his disdain towards the group after St Valentines Massacre which resulted in Brett Storm challenging the X Bullet Club to a 6 Man Tag Team Match at YXWrestlemania 2.

YXWrestleMania 2 would be a mixed night for the X Bullet Club. With Max Mercury competing in the YTW Championship Match and Seth Turner competing in the MITB Ladder Match, Zack Thompson teamed with up new X Bullet Club members Reggie Killer & Kenny Taylor to beat Brett Storm and Bro Code (Lula & Ginji) in a 6 Man Tag Team Match forcing Lula to leave the RAW Roster after Lula was pinned. Seth Turner competed in the 6 Man MITB Ladder Match where he ended up losing to Mario Sanchez. In the YTW Championship Match, Max Mercury would face DoggyDog in what was becoming of a 5 Star Classic, until Brett Storm ran in and attacked Mercury causing the match to end in DQ. 

Feud with the RAW Roster; Championship VictoriesEdit

After YXWrestlemania the draft was finished and the X Bullet Club ended up being in Raw. At superstars after YXWrestlemania, Zack and Seth would face the New Generation in a victorious effort when Zack drop Brett on the apron with Seth capitalizing on his big boot. After the match Max Mercury would come out and with fellow members Zack and Seth and beat up Brett Storm. At Extreme Rules Seth was set to defend his 24/7 championship and would retain after beating Jack Silva but latter lose it to Casablanca. Zack would face Dice in a Extreme Rules match but would fail to win with Dice's arm bar and tap out. After he attacked dice after the match Sean Avery debut and packaged piledrivered Zack. In the main event Max Mercury would face his mortal enemy Brett Storm and DoggyDog but since all competitors were knockout max from Brett, Brett by Reggie and DoggyDog by Joshie P. Kenny try to knockout Christian Styles and Zack got an AKO in the end. All members of X Bullet Club was in the Aztec Warfare, where Zack Thompson got eliminated by DoggyDog, Seth Turner got eliminated by Christian Styles, Reggie Killer got eliminated by Antho, Kenny Taylor got eliminated by Brett Storm and Max Mercury went to the final two where he was eliminated by Brett Storm as well.

Following a disappointing Summerslam, The X Bullet Club would bounce back big time at YXW Feast or Fire. At the beginning of the night, Max Mercury & Zack Thompson would compete in the RAW Feast or Fire Match in which both men won a contract for a YTW Title Match (Mercury) & a YXW U.S.Title Match (Thompson). Kenny Taylor & Reggie Killer would defeat Antho & Joshie P to get a shot at the Tag Titles later in the night against Mexican Lucha. Seth Turner would  be the only member of the XBC to not win his match against Sean Avery, however, greater things would come towards the XBC by the end of the night. Kenny Taylor & Reggie Killer would defeat Mexican Lucha to become the new YXW Tag Team Champions and, most importantly, Max Mercury would successfully cash in his Feast or Fire briefcase on the XBC's biggest enemy Brett Storm to become the new YTW Champion on the same night. At Survivor Series, the X Bullet Club was involved in 4 four matches. At the beginning of the night, Zack Thompson would defeat Sean Avery in a Singles Match and the team of Kenny Taylor & Reggie Killer would retain their YXW Tag Team Championships against Mexican Lucha in a rematch from Feast or Fire. Later in the night, Max Mercury would lose his YTW Championship to Brett Storm in a No Holds Barred Match, only to win it back a couple minutes later after the rest of the XBC attacked Storm and Mercury would immediatly declare his rematch to win back the title.

Season 3:Edit

Championship Dominance & WrestleMania 3Edit

Royal Rumble S3 would be an up and down night for the X Bullet Club. The trio of Max Mercury, Zack Thompson, & Kenny Taylor would lose in their 6 Man Tag Team Match to Brett Storm, Sean Avery, & Demon Extreme. However, arguably, the MVP of the night would go to Zack Thompson as he managed to win the YXW United States Championship from Tyson Victor after teasing that Tyson Victor would be joining the XBC and then low blowing him. The day after Royal Rumble S3, it was revealed that Max Mercury & Angel Alexander were in talks of bringing Angel Alexander into the XBC, only for Angel to reveal it as a ruse and attacked Max Mercury. At Road to Gold, Max Mercury would successfully defend his YTW Championship against Brett Storm in a HIAC Match and Kenny Taylor & Reggie Killer would retain their Tag Titles against SuperNova (Sinister Z & Furious V), while Zack Thompson lost in his first round match up of the Road to Gold Tournament against Demon Extreme. At Lockdown, while most of the X Bullet Club was absent, the true "X Bullet Club Leader" made his debut after the main event and attacked Antho.

At WrestleMania 3, the X Bullet Club (Kenny Taylor & Reggie Killer) would lose the Tag Team Titles to the new rookie team of Andrew Carter & Ty Crews. Zack Thompson would retain his United States Championship against Brett Storm, MD Shockz, & Tyson Victor in a Fatal 4 Way Match while Seth Turner defeated Demon Extreme in a No DQ Match after YXW World Hardcore Champion Triple X (who returned to YXW earlier in the night to win the Hardcore Title) interfered and revealed himself as the newest member of the X Bullet Club, and the "X Bullet Club Leader" would defeat Antho in an Extreme Rules Match where after the match Max Mercury would ally himself with the "XBC Leader" and threw Antho outside of the ring. Also during a backstage segment, The XBC Leader would try to convince Angel Alexander to join the X Bullet Club, but Angel would turn down the offer. In the main event, Max Mercury would lose his YTW Championship to Sean Avery in an incredible match.

Post WrestleMania 3 & New AdditionsEdit

On the RAW After WrestleMania 3, Max Mercury would lose to YXW Tag Team Champion Ty Crews in an incredible match, Triple X would lose the YXW World Hardcore Championship to Casablanca in a Triple Threat Match, and Zack Thompson would lose a Champion vs. Champion Match against his big rival, the YTW Champion, Sean Avery. On the Season 3 Draft, the original five (Max, Zack, Seth, Reggie, & Kenny) would stay on RAW, Triple X was drafted to Smackdown, and The X Bullet Club Leader can appear on both shows as a Free Agent. At Backlash, Triple X would defeat Casablanca to bring the World Hardcore Title back to the XBC. After the match, XXX & the XBC Leader would beat down Casablanca with a Steel Chair. At Extreme Rules, the XBC would recapture the Tag Titles, but both Zack & Max would lose their respective matches against Brett Storm & Sean Avery with Zack losing his U.S Title to Brett. At Money In The Bank, Angel Alexander would officially join the X Bullet Club after receiving hep from the X Bullet Club Leader to retain his Cruiserweight title. Every other member of the XBC would lose their respective matches (except for XBC Leader) and would partake in several ambushes on YXW superstars throughout the show. Max would lose to Ty Crews, Zack would lose his rematch to Brett, Seth lost in the MITB Ladder Match, & Triple X would lose his title to Jake Navor.

Departure of Zack Thompson; Dissension in the XBC & Addition of VixxEdit

At YXW Summerslam, the XBC started off the night by losing a member in Zack Thompson who lost his US Title Match to Brett, with as per stipulation, forcing Zack to leave the XBC. After the match, the X Bullet Club Leader & Reggie Killer would assault Zack for his loss until Max Mercury came in for the save, showing some dissension within the XBC. The rest of the CPV saw Reggie Killer & Kenny Taylor retain their Tag Titles via double count out against the Silver Bros, Seth Turner defeated Ghostface in Singles action, and Angel Alexander retained his Cruiserweight Championship in a Triple Threat Ladder Match. In a backstage segment, Angel went up to Max concerning Max's status in the XBC with Max affirming he's still in the group, but he didn't like how the group attacked Zack after a hard fought match. Max Mercury would then go on to defeat Johnny Extreme in a first ever encounter between the two despite a lot of interference from the XBC. In the main event, the XBC Leader competed in a triple threat match for the YTW Championship, only to leave the match midway to make an announcement. The XBC Leader hinted his identity to being someone from Johnny's past and was the one who recruited Max, Seth, & Zack into starting the group. The XBC Leader would then announce that he was the new General Manager of YXW and announced the newest member of the XBC as his replacement. Suddenly, RAW Mr. MITB Vixx would come down and cash in his MITB Contract to defeat Sean Avery & Demon Spyke to win the YTW Championship as the newest member of the X Bullet Club. At Hell in a Cell, Reggie & Kenny would lose the Tag Titles to the Silver Brothers, Max & Seth would lose inside Hell in a Cell with each man blaming each other for the loss, causing more tension in XBC. However XBC would leave with one victory when YTW Champion Vixx defeated Sean Avery inside Hell in a Cell.

XWP (2016-present)Edit

Season 1Edit

Debut & Move to SmackdownEdit

Max Mercury debuted in XWP in episode 2 beating Jake Navor after the lights turned off and back on, rumours swirled that X Bullet Club would debut. At Pride Max Mercury attacked Brett Storm and Lula with the debuting Kenny Taylor helping him out. On the Smackdown after Pride, Reggie Killer and Seth Turner attacked Lula after Lula beat Mercury. Later on in the night, Zack Thompson screwed Matteo out of the XWP Intercontinental Championship letting PJ Skillz hit the Phenomenal Forearm to win the match. At XWP Outlaw, the trio of Zack Thompson, Seth Turner, & Reggie Killer would defeat the team of Mario Sanchez, Phenom & Matteo in a 6 Man Tag Team Match. However later in the night, XBC Leader Max Mercury would lose in his match for the XWP World Heavyweight Championship after Lula pinned Brett Storm to become the new champion. On Smackdown Before Unbreakable, the X Bullet Club (Zack Thompson & Kenny Taylor) would win in their matches against Brett Storm and Matteo in a Steel Cage Match respectively. At Unbreakable, Max Mercury would win the MITB briefcase in a 6 Man Ladder Match with help from Seth Turner, who was also in the match. 

Championship Dominance  Edit

Summerslam would be the crowning CPV for XBC as by the end of the night, every member would hold championship gold, Kenny Taylor defeated Demon Spyke for the Hardcore Title, Seth Turner and Reggie Killer defeated Team Bring It for the Tag Titles, Zack Thompson defeated Mario Sanchez for the Intercontinental Title and Max Mercury cashed in his MITB on Matteo to win the World Heavyweight Title, and to cap it off, Max Mercury (with help from Kenny Taylor) defeated Brett Storm and sent him out of XWP ...... for now. On Smackdown After Summerslam, Zack would continue his feud with Mario when they faced each other in a championship rematch which ended when Zack got himself disqualified by attacking Mario with a steel chair. Kenny Taylor would lose a Non Title Extreme Rules Match to Phenom and Tag Champs Seth Turner & Reggie Killer would defeat Straight Code Society in a Non-Title Match. Max Mercury was supposed to defend his World Title in a rematch against Matteo, but he was attacked backstage by a masked individual.

At Psychopath, Zack Thompson would first retain his XWP Intercontinental Championship against Mario Sanchez in a Falls Count Anywhere Match where he was attacked by the same masked man who attacked Max Mercury on Smackdown. Then Kenny Taylor would retain his XWP Hardcore Championship against Phenom & Demon Spyke in a Triple Threat Extreme Rules Match. Then in the Main Event, Max Mercury would retain his XWP World Heavyweight Championship against Matteo. After the match, the same masked man would appear and would try to attack Max, but luckily Max got away. The Masked Man announced himself as Morpheus and that is his one goal was to bring Brett Storm back into XWP. 

Addition of DoggyDog & Cross Brand PromotionEdit

At Nightmares, the X Bullet Club would gain a new member in the form of DoggyDog after DoggyDog let himself be pinned by the XBC (Seth Turner & Reggie Killer) in their handicap tag match after Arrow was attacked backstage and unable to compete. Later in the night, the rest of the XBC (Max Mercury, Zack Thompson, & Kenny Taylor) would lose in a 6 Man Tag Team Match to Heaven's Sexiest Angels (Angel Alexander, Stunning Bradd, & Mr. Macho). At Survivor Series, the team of Seth Turner & Reggie Killer would lose their tag titles to Heaven's Sexiest Angels (Mr. Macho & Stunning Bradd) in an Elimination Tag Team Match. Luckily, Kenny Taylor would defeat Straight Code Star to retain his XWP Hardcore Championship and Zack Thompson would retain his XWP Intercontinental Championship via disqualification after he goaded his opponent Morpheus into hitting Zack with a Steel Chair. Max Mercury would defeat Matteo in a Steel Cage Match to retain his World Heavyweight Championship via split decision after Mercury narrowly escaped the cage seconds before Matteo did. In the main event, new X Bullet Club member DoggyDog would defeat Jacob Cass to win the XWP Championship, making X Bullet Club the stable to hold both World Titles within their group.

At Destruction, Seth & Reggie would lose a Steel Cage Tag Team Match to Heaven's Sexist Angels in a rematch for the titles & Kenny Taylor would lose the XWP Hardcore Championship to Mr. X. In the main event, Max Mercury & Zack Thompson would lose to Morpheus & Matteo in a Tag Team Match. At Royal Rumble, Zack would retain his Intercontinental Championship against Phenom, however Max Mercury would lose the World Heavyweight Championship to Mario Sanchez. Luckily, DoggyDog would retain the XWP Championship against Jacob Cass & Arrow in a Triple Threat Match. At XWP Live From Japan, Max Mercury would team up with DoggyDog for the first time where they ended up losing to the tandem of Jacob Cass & Kenny Omega. At Danger Zone, DoggyDog would retain his XWP Championship against Demon Extreme to head into WrestleMania 1 as champion to face the No.1 Contender Arrow. On the Smackdown before Wrestlemania 1, Max Mercury would help fellow XBC stablemate Seth Turner defeat Morpheus to become the new Internet Champion. Afterwards Max would attack Morpheus with his own finishing move.

Season 2Edit

Addition of PJ Skillz and Zachary WelchEdit

On the RAW After WrestleMania 1, Max Mercury & Seth Turner would be drafted to the RAW brand splitting the XBC in half in two promotions. At Betrayal, Seth Turner would retain his Internet Title against Ginji. Later in the event, Brett Storm announced that PJ Skillz would have a match for Demon Extreme's IC Title. Skillz defeated Demon Extreme for the Intercontinental Championship. PJ Skillz would then go backstage where he was greeted by Zack, Seth, Reggie, & Kenny where Zack offered PJ Skillz a membership in the X Bullet Club. PJ Skillz would accept this invitation and become the newest XBC member, bringing the IC Title to the XBC. At the United Kingdom Championship Tournament, a British CAW by the name of Zachary Welch would make his entrance in a X Bullet Club shirt and was later confirmed to be the newest member of the X Bullet Club and the XBC representative for NXT. Zachary Welch would go to advance to the Finals where he defeated Shaun The Saint to become the first ever XWP United Kingdom Champion. After the match, Zachary Welch would be congratulated the Leader Max Mercury, Zack Thompson, Seth Turner (who lost his Internet Title at an ECCW show), & recent addition PJ Skillz. At Outlaw, Seth Turner would challenge Chris Danger for a shot at the XWP Cruiserweight Championship and new XWP Internet Champion DoggyDog would lose to Arrow in the main event for the XWP Championship, with Max Mercury in his corner. At one point in the match, Doggy would accidently strike Mercury with a stiff clothesline. After the match, Max Mercury would clothesline DoggyDog and would stand over his prone body. This would then be announced as Doggy's removal from the group. At NXT Take Over Frankfurt, Zachary Welch would retain his title against Shaun The Saint in a rematch from the UK Tournament Finals. At Mayhem, PJ Skillz & Zack Thompson would be victorious in their matches against Demon Extreme & Mr. X, but Kenny & Reggie would lose to Jacob Cass & Anthony Payne in a throwaway tag team match. At NXT Take Over Mexico, Zachary Welch would retain his title in a Triple Threat Match. At Reckoning, Seth Turner would win the Cruiserweight Title in a Fatal 4 Way Match and Max Mercury would lose to DoggyDog by Count Out, but was able to retain the Internet Championship (which he won at an IWA show). At Money In The Bank, Max Mercury & PJ Skillz would lose their Internet & Intercontinental Championships respectively, while Seth Turner was able to retain his Cruiserweight Championship.

Addition of Brett Storm Edit

At Summerslam, X Bullet Club would compete in a total of 6 Matches. In the Pre-Show, Zachary Welch would lose his United Kingdom Championship to Tee Michaels. Zack Thompson would compete (and lose) in the 10 Man Hardcore Championship Rumble. PJ Skillz would lose to Alieus in a Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Championship and Seth Turner would lose his Cruiserweight Championship to Francaios in a 6 Man Ladder Match. XBC did win some matches at Summerslam as Max Mercury would beat DoggyDog in a No Count Out Match and the biggest surprise of the night, Brett Storm joining the X Bullet Club after Max Mercury helped Storm in his Anarchy Rules Match. On the Smackdown after Summerslam, Brett Storm announced that to help even out X Bullet Club members on Raw and Smackdown, Kenny Taylor has been moved to Raw in a trade (Lula was traded to SD). Brett Storm also announced that X Bullet Club's PJ Skillz, Zack Thompson & Reggie Killer would face Bro Code at Psychopath to see which faction would compete to become the inaugural 6 Man Tag Team Champions. Brett Storm finally announced that he would face someone at Psychopath who has never been given a World Title match in XWP. That man will either be Demon Spyke, Mart War, Jackson Montgomery or Straight Code Star. At Nightmares, Seth Turner will have his rematch for the Cruiserweight Title, Kenny Taylor will face Jet Omega Elliot & Max Mercury will be in the XWP Championship Main Event against Champion Mario Sanchez & Arrow. At Psychopath, Zack Thompson would attack Jackson Montgomery after he became No. 1 Contender to Brett Storm's Title. Later in the night, XBC would defeat Bro Code to advance to Survivor Series' 6 Man Tag Title Match. In the main event, Brett would retain against Jackson Montgomery before being attacked by the returning Matteo. At Nightmares, Seth & Kenny would both lose their respective matches however, Zachary Welch beat Chris Jericho and Max Mercury won the XWP Championship after Brett Storm interfered on Max's behalf. At the Survivor Series Pre-Show, Zack Thompson would attack by Jackson Montgomery however Jackson ended up getting the upper hand. This forced XBC to quickly put Kenny Taylor in the 6 Man Tag Title Match on the main show. Also on the Pre-Show, Zachary Welch & Seth Turner would defeat Arrow & Jet Omega Elliot. On the main show of Survivor Series, XBC would lose to SWED & DoggyDog. But Max Mercury would defeat Mario Sanchez & Brett Storm would defeat Matteo. However, Brett would be cashed in on by Mahadi Khan where Brett would lose the World Title. At Destruction, XBC would be 2-2 as PJ & Reggie winning their matches (including Reggie winning the Hardcore Title), but Zack & Brett would lose their matches to Jackson Montgomery & Mahadi Khan respectively. On the SD after Destruction, Reggie would lose his Hardcore Title to Jackson Montgomery. While Brett Storm hosted the first edition of the Eye of the Storm. Where he brawled with his Royal Rumble opponent Christian Cage with Cage getting the upper hand. At Royal Rumble, it would be an up and down night for XBC. Brett & Max would both win their respective singles matches, defeating Christian Cage & Curtis Stunt respectively but Zachary Welch would lose to Victor X and no member of XBC would win the Rumble. At Danger Zone, Max Mercury would lose his XWP Championship inside the Elimination Chamber. At Unforgiven, Reggie, PJ & Zack would all lose their matches while Brett's match never got started as he brawled with Matteo before the match making the ref throw the match out.

At WrestleMania, X Bullet Club will take part in 4 Matches. Max will face Arrow. Zack will face Jackson Montgomery. Brett will face Mahadi Khan & Matteo in a triple threat and Zachary will face Victor X & Jet Omega Elliot in a Triple Threat. At WrestleMania 2, XBC would have a steller night with Max defeating Arrow, Zachary winning the US Championship, and Brett Storm winning the World Heavyweight Championship, despite only one mishap with Zack losing his match.

Season 3Edit

Feud with Seth Turner, Title Victories & End of XBCEdit

On the RAW After Wrestlemania 2, The X Bullet Club would lose one member in Seth Turner, who went up to Max Mercury telling him he was planning on going solo without disrespect. Surprisingly, Max obliged but let him off with a warning stating that Seth watch his back from now on. However as the night went on, Seth Turner would be ruthlessly attacked backstage by now former teammate Kenny Taylor for leaving the team, officialling ending Turner's stint in the stable. Zachary Welch would end up losing a US Title Rematch to Victor X by count out before being assaulted by VX after the match and being set up for another rematch at Outlaw. Max Mercury would lose in his XWP Title Rematch after a distraction by Seth Turner. On the Smackdown After Wrestlemania, Zack Thompson, PJ Skillz, & Reggie Killer would engage in a mini feud with the YWE Legends Stable (Mr. Black, Blue Star, & Angel) over the XWP 6 Man Tag Team Championship which started with an XBC ambush on Mr. Black, which then later resulted in Angel defeating Zack Thompson for Zack's newly won Internet Championship. Smackdown XBC Lieutenant Brett Storm would retain his World Heavyweight Championship against Mahadi Khan after receiving unintentional help from Shadow. At Betrayal, XBC's Zack Thompson, PJ Skillz & Reggie Killer would win the 6 Man Tag Titles by beating the YWE Legends, however, Brett Storm would lose the World Title to Alieus in the Main Event.

At XWP Outlaw, X Bullet Club would have a clean sweep victory in all their matches with Zack, PJ, & Reggie retaining their 6 Man Tag Titles against SWED Trio, Welch retaining his US Title against Victor X, and Max Mercury defeating former member Seth Turner in a Singles Match. In the latter match, Seth Turner would issue a proposal to Max Mercury challenging to put him up against any member of the XBC member and if Seth wins they're out of the XBC, if Seth loses his XWP Career is over. Max would reenter the ring to assault Seth, only for Seth Turner to fight back until Brett Storm made the save and accepted Seth's challenge for Pick Your Poison. At Broken Bonds, Zack, Reggie & PJ would retain their Titles while Brett would lose in his attempt to regain the World Title. At Pick Your Poison, XBC would take part in 4 matches, losing 3 of them. Brett Storm would lose to Seth Turner, therefore Brett would be forced to leave XBC, Zack, Reggie & PJ would lose the 6 Man Tag Titles to Faces of Fear and Max Mercury would lose to Curtis Stunt in a Number 1 Contenders Match for the XWP Championship. Only Zachary Welch would win at Pick Your Poison, defeating Jet Omega Elliot to retain the United States Championship. At Money In The Bank, every member would lose their respective match. Zachary Welch would be forced to leave the group after losing a Career v. Membership Match for the US Title by DQ after Max Mercury intentionally interfered to make sure Seth didn't become champion. Max would then announce he would put the entire club on the line at Summerslam for Seth's career in a Career v. Club Match. At Summerslam, Max Mercury would lose to Seth Turner, ending the X Bullet Club in XWP.

YIFW (2016-2017) Edit

Championship Pursuit & Domination Edit

YIFW New Blood Rising & YIFW Reckless Intentions.Edit

At YIFW New Blood Rising, the X Bullet Club (Mercury, Thompson, Turner, Taylor, & Reggie) would make their debuts along with new member Cheryl Townsend, who is Zack's Girlfriend and the YIFW Women's Champion (making the title X Bullet Club property. In the first match of the night, Zack Thompson would defeat Kyu Chan in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to become the new YIFW Champion. In the second match of the night, Kenny Taylor would take on X Bullet Club's Number 1 Enemy Brett Storm in an Iron Man Match. After narrowly losing to Storm at 6-5, Kenny would have his skull mask removed by Brett only to be revealed as Brett Storm's little brother. Afterwards, Kenny would K.O Brett Storm and would stand tall with leader of the X Bullet Club, Max Mercury. Later in the night, Seth Turner & Reggie Killer would defeat the Big Time Bros. to become the new YIFW Tag Team Champions (after getting help from Max); and Cheryl Townsend would retain her title in a Fatal 4 Way Match. At the end of the CPV, Max Mercury would appear again to attack the Residents Champion Arthur Crane who had just retained his title in a Fatal 4 Way Hell In A Cell Match.

At YIFW Reckless Intentions, Zack Thompson would retain his YIFW title in a Steel Cage Rematch against Kyu Chan, Cheryl Townsend would retain her Women's Title against Cutie Pie, and the Tag Champs Seth Turner & Reggie Killer would retain in their rematch against the Big Time Bros. Kenny Taylor would compete in the Elimination Chamber Match for the YNXT Championship, but wound up being the first one eliminated. Max Mercury would compete in the main event where he would unsuccessfully challenge Arthur Crane for his Residents Championship in a Last Man Standing Match. YIFW would officially announce that it was closing doors on April 21, 2017.

EYE (2016-2017)Edit

The X Bullet Club (Max Mercury, Seth Turner, & Zack Thompson) would make their EYE debuts at the first EYE CPV Cyber Sunday. Seth Turner would compete in the first match of the evening in a TLC Match against The AC Arthurz for the EYE Cruiserweight Championship. Seth Turner would defeat AC Arthurz after new masked member of the X Bullet Club debuted and helped Seth Turner to win the EYE Cruiserweight Championship. Zack Thompson would compete in a Triple Threat Extreme Rules Match for the EYE World Heavyweight Championship against the champ Kevin LocHart & TKE. Zack Thompson would have the match won until TKE put him in a Sleeper hold and made him tap out. Max Mercury would compete in the Main Event of Cyber Sunday for the EYE Championship against Smeagle where Mercury would end up defeating Smeagle (clean) to become the new EYE Champion. After over a year of being inactive EYE would close its doors in 2017.

RpW (2016-present)Edit

The X Bullet Club, in the form of Max Mercury & Zack Thompson, would make their RpW debut (Revival Pro Wrestling) at Extreme Rules S2. During the event, Mercury would be entered into the Triple Threat Match for the Hardcore Title and Thompson would be entered as the Special Guest Referee for the match after A&A were attacked by "mystery" assailants. At Extreme Rules S2, Max Mercury would defeat Arrow & Mike House to become the new Hardcore Champion following assistance from Zack Thompson. Max Mercury would soon retire the Hardcore Championship in favor of a new championship, the RpW Extreme Championship. Max Mercury would retain his Extreme Championship against Arrow at MITB, Mike House at Summerslam in a Ladder Match, and Phsycoz at No Way Out. At Hell In A Cell, Zack would attack Max's opponent AJ Reyes before his match against Max.

IWA (2016-present)Edit

Season 1: Debut & Various FeudsEdit

The X Bullet Club would their debut in IWA (Insane Wrestling Alliance) in the form of Seth Turner & Reggie Killer on the first show of IWA. The X Bullet Club would take on the IWA Tag Team Champions R.K.O (Scott Razor & Kev Deisal) in an Elimination Tag Team Match where the XBC managed to pitch a shut out against R.K.O, fully dominating the Tag champs. It was later announced that Seth Turner & Reggie Killer would take on the Silver Brothers (Jason & Alex) in a No.1 Contenders Steel Cage Match at IWA Extreme Rules. Not only that, but, Max Mercury, Zack Thompson, & Kenny Taylor would also make their debuts in a 6 Man Tag Match against Demon Spyke, PJ Skillz, & Jay Samoa. At Extreme Rules, Seth Turner & Reggie Killer would defeat the Silver Brothers in a Steel Cage Match to become the new No.1 Contenders to the Tag Titles; and the trio of Max Mercury, Zack Thompson, & Kenny Taylor would defeat Demon Spyke, Jay Samoa, & PJ Skillz in their debut matches. At Payback, Seth Turner & Reggie Killer would defeat R.K.O to become the new IWA Tag Team Champions and Zack Thompson would compete in a Battle Royal for the new IWA United Kingdom Championship which was won by Zack's rival Sean Avery. Max Mercury wouldn't appear at Payback for undisclosed reasons. At Money In The Bank, the XBC decided to invoke the Freebird Rule by having Kenny Taylor defend half of the Tag Team Titles with Seth Turner instead of Reggie Killer to successfully defend the title against R.K.O. Zack Thompson would compete in the Money In The Bank Ladder, which was won by Demon Spyke. Max Mercury would make his return in the Main Event between XBC's biggest enemies Brett Storm & Angel Alexander and ended up helping Brett Storm retain against Angel Alexander, forming some sort of alliance between the two. At Fully Loaded, Max Mercury would open up the show defeating one of the XBC's most recent rivals Angel Alexander and then would continue to beat on him after the match. However the night would go downhill from there. First, Zack Thompson in his IWA European Championship Match against Flamer; and worst of all, Seth & Reggie would lose the IWA Tag Team Championships to the Silver Brothers (Alex & Jason Silver) in quick fashion. At Summerslam, every member of the X Bullet Club would lose their in matches. Max Mercury would lose in the opening match to Angel Alexander in a Triple Threat Match for the United Kingdom Championship, Seth Turner & Reggie Killer would in the Gauntlet Match for the Tag Team Titles, and Zack Thompson would lose to Demon Spyke in a Ladder Match for Spyke's MITB Briefcase. At Battleground, Seth Turner & Reggie Killer would fail in their second chance to retain the Tag Titles against the new champions Mahadi Khan & Flamer. Luckily, Max Mercury was able to defeat PJ Skillz, a personal dream match for Max, in No.1 Contenders Match to the UK Championship. After the match, Max Mercury would be attacked by Angel Alexander. Throughout the rest of the season, the XBC would prove to be a non-entity with only Max Mercury getting screen time in his feuds with Angel Alexander & Jacob Cass.

Season 2: Feud with Max MercuryEdit

At Ruthless Aggression, Max Mercury was set to take on Zack Thompson in a friendly Singles Match with the rest of the XBC standing by in case things turned ugly. However as the match progressed, each member at ringside (Reggie Killer, Kenny Taylor, & Seth Turner) would take a shot at Max Mercury when the referee wasn't looking showing signs of dissension. After the match, Zack would low blow Max Mercury and the rest of the XBC would officially turn their backs on Max and would beat him down. At Chaos Theory, Zack would compete against Max Mercury in a Triple Threat Match for the UK Championship, which was won by the champion Jet Omega Elliot.

EEW (2017-present)Edit

The X Bullet Club would debut at EEW Critical Mass when Zack Thompson & Seth Turner arrived after the Max Mercury vs. Sean Avery Match to attack Sean Avery in which Max would join in on the beatdown, making the EEW debut of the X Bullet Club. At Reign of Terror, Max Mercury would defeat Alieus to become the new Intercontinental Champion, bringing the title to the XBC. At Halloween in Hell, XBC member Zachary Welch would join the group in EEW to help Max Mercury defeat Anthony Payne in a Ladder Match to retain his Intercontinental Championship.


Members Current Promotions Debut Time
Max Mercury YXWEEWRpWECCW YXW St. Valentine's Day Massacre Jun. 21, '16 - Present
Zack Thompson RpWIWAEEWECCW YXW St. Valentine's Day Massacre Jun. 21, '16 - Present
Seth Turner YXW, IWAEEW YXW St. Valentine's Day Massacre Jun. 21, '16 - Present
Reggie Killer YXW, IWAECCW YXW WrestleMania 2 Jul. 22, '16 - Present
Kenny Taylor YXW, IWAECCW YXW WrestleMania 2 Jul. 22, '16 - Present
X Bullet Club Leader YXW YXW Lockdown Jan. 30, '17 - Present
Triple X YXW YXW WrestleMania 3 Feb. 12, '17 - Present
Angel Alexander YXW YXW Money In The Bank S03 Apr. 17, '17 - Present
Zachary Welch ECCWEEW XWP U.K Tournament Round 1 April 20, '17 - Present
Vixx YXW YXW Summerslam S03 July 19, '17 - Present

Former MembersEdit

Members Promotion(s) Debut Time
Cheryl Townsend YIFW YIFW New Blood Rising Aug. 31, '16 - Apr. 21, '17
DoggyDog XWP XWP Nightmares Jan. 15, '17 - Apr. 22, '17
Brett Storm XWP XWP Summerslam S02 June 30, '17 - Feb. 4, '18
PJ Skillz XWP XWP Betrayal S02 April 17, '17 - March 10, '18

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit



  • YIFW Championship (1 Time, Final) - Zack Thompson
  • YIFW Tag Team Championship (1 Time, Final) - Seth Turner & Reggie Killer
  • YIFW Women's Championship (1 Time, Final) - Cheryl Townsend


  • RpW Extreme Championship (1 Time, Current) - Max Mercury
  • RpW Hardcore Championship (1 Time) - Max Mercury


  • EYE Championship (1 Time, Current) - Max Mercury
  • EYE Cruiserweight Championship (1 Time, Current) - Seth Turner





^Recognized as Internet Champion in XWP, IWA, & ECCW