Pride is the first ever XWP CPV and it will feature the superstars of XWP.

Tagline: Who will leave with their Pride!

Matches: Edit

  • XWP World Heavyweight Championship: Brett Storm (c) vs Lula
  • XWP Tag Team Championship Finals: Team Bring It vs Straight Edge Saviors - Extreme Rules Match
  • XWP Intercontinental Championship: PJ Skillz (c) vs Jacob Cass
  • Max Mercury vs Jake Navor
  • Antho's Extreme Open Challenge
  • Silvio vs Phenom - Winner is No.1 Contender to either World Title, depending on what brand the winner is on
  • XWP Championship: Mahadi Khan vs Duncan Cunner
  • Pre-Show: Gore vs Perkins


# Results Stipulations
P Majestic Perkins def. Gore Singles Match
1 Team Bring It! (DoggyDog & Arrow) def. Straight Edge Saviors (Straight Code Star & Mr. X) No DQ Tornado Tag Team Match for the XWP Tag Team Championship
2 Max Mercury def. Jake Navor Falls Count Anywhere Match
3 Antho def. Demon Extreme Antho's Extreme Open Challenge
4 Mahadi Khan def. Duncan Cunner Ladder Match for the XWP Championship
5 Silvio def. Phenom No.1 Contenders Match (Any World Title)
6 PJ Skillz (c) def. Jacob Cass Singles Match for the XWP Intercontinental Championship
7 Brett Storm (c) def. Lula by DQ Singles Match for the XWP World Heavyweight Championship
  • 4 - At the end of the match, Kev Deisal would make his XWP debut (the last time he entered a ring was in 2011) where he attacked Duncan Cunner allowing Mahadi Khan to grab the title and become the first ever XWP Champion
  • 6 - During the end of the match, XWP Champion Mahadi Khan would provide a distraction to Jacob Cass where PJ Skillz would take advantage by putting Cass in the Calf Crusher making him tap
  • 7 - At the end of the match, Max Mercury would come out and attack Brett Storm causing a disqualification. Afterwards, Kenny Taylor (a member of the X Bullet Club from YXW) would make his debut and help his leader Max Mercury beat up Lula following the match

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