Nightmares S02
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Promotion Xtreme Wrestling Promotion
Brand(s) RAW
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Last Event XWP NXT Take Over: San Antonio
Next Event XWP NXT Take Over: Rome

Triple Threat Match for the XWP Championship
Mario Sanchez (c) vs Max Mercury vs Arrow

Zachary Welch vs Chris Jericho

XWP Tag Team Championship
Silver Brothers (Alex & Jason Silver) (c) vs Heaven's Sexiest Angels (Stunning Bradd and/or Mr Macho and/or Angel Alexander)

Jet Omega Elliot vs Kenny Taylor

XWP 6 Man Tag Team Title Match Qualifier:
SWED (Roacher & Francaios) & ??? vs RKO (Mahadi Khan, Kev Deisal & Scott Razor)

Triple Threat Match for the XWP YouTube Heavyweight Championship
CM Puma (c) vs Chris Danger vs Creep-E

XWP Cruiserweight Championship
Sean Avery (c) vs Seth Turner

XWP United States Championship
Curtis Stunt (c) vs Victor X

Results Edit

# Results Stipulations
1 Victor X def. Curtis Stunt (c) Singles Match for the XWP United States Championship
2 Chris Danger def. CM Puma (c) & Creep-E Triple Threat Match for the XWP YouTube Heavyweight Championship
3 SWED (Roacher, Francaios & DoggyDog) def. RKO (Mahadi Khan, Scott Razor & Kev Deisal) XWP 6 Man Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match
4 The Silver Brothers (c) def. Heavens Sexiest Angels (Angel Alexander & Mr Macho) w/Stunning Bradd Tag Team Match for the XWP Tag Team Championship
5 Sean Avery (c) def. Seth Turner Singles Match for the XWP Cruiserweight Championship
6 Zachary Welch def. Chris Jericho Singles Match
7 Jet Omega Elliot def. Kenny Taylor Singles Match
8 Max Mercury def. Mario Sanchez (c) & Arrow Triple Threat for the XWP Championship
  • 1. Curtis Stunt attacked Victor X after the match injuring him in the process. (Also later in the night, Curtis Stunt would ask XWP Owner Brett Storm to be given back the Title as Victor X can't compete. Brett would then announce Curtis as the new United States Champion.)
  • 3. Kev Deisal & Scott Razor had a tense confrontation after the match. (Also throughout the night, X Bullet Club would attack each member of SWED)
  • 4. Stunning Bradd would attack Mr Macho helping the Silvers retain. After the match, The Silver Brothers would challenge whoever is the NXT Tag Team Champions to a Title for Title Match at Survivor Series
  • 5. Sean Avery would hit Seth with the championship and then cut a promo declaring himself the King of the Cruiserweights and asking "who is left?"
  • 6. Mahadi Khan would attack Chris Jericho after the match and said that Chris Jericho is the final legend to kill.
  • 7. Zachary Welch would attack Jet Omega Elliot
  • 8. Before the match, X Bullet Club would attack Arrow changing the Triple Threat into technically a Singles Match. During the match Co-Leader of X Bullet Club Brett Storm came out and put Mario Sanchez through a table, before hitting him with the Bullhammer.

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