XWP Tag Team Championship: X Bullet Club (c) vs Team Bring It

Creep-E vs Joshie P

Angel Alexander & ??? & ??? vs X Bullet Club

Mahadi Khan WWE Legend Open Challenge

Chris Danger vs Curtis Stunt

XWP Championship: Jacob Cass (c) vs Demon Extreme vs Chris Jericho

Results Edit

\ Results Stipulations
1 X Bullet Club (Seth Turner & Reggie Killer) def. DoggyDog Handicap Match for the XWP Tag Team Championship
2 Creep-E def. Joshie P Singles Match
3 Heavens Sexiest Angels (Angel Alexander, Stunning Bradd & Mr. Macho) def. X Bullet Club (Max Mercury, Zack Thompson & Kenny Taylor) 6 Man Tag Team Match
4 Mahadi Khan w/R.K.O (Kev Deisal and Scott Razor) def. Tatanka Open Challenge
5 Chris Danger def. Curtis Stunt Singles Match
6 Jacob Cass (c) def. Demon Extreme and Chris Jericho Triple Threat Match for the XWP Championship
  • 1. Before the show began, XBC attacked Arrow, rendering him unable to compete. DoggyDog let them win and then joined X Bullet Club
  • 2. Creep-E attacked Joshie after the match
  • 5. Chris Danger cut a promo afterwards saying that he would succeed in XWP
  • 6. After the match, DoggyDog confronted Jacob Cass, setting up a match between the two at Survivor Series

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