The NXT International Championship is one of 3 Active Championships in XWP NXT. Blake Douglas was the first champion, winning the Title at XWP NXT Take Over: London beating Tech, Sean Avery and Abigor. Sean Avery is the longest reigning champions at six months. Brown Claw is the current champion in his Second reign.

Title History Edit

# Wrestler Reign Event Defenses Notes
1 Blake Douglas 1 XWP NXT Take Over: London 0

Inaugural Champion

XWP recognizes Blake's reign at 28 Days

2 Abigor 1 XWP NXT Take Over: Chicago 1

It was a Chicago Street Fight.

XWP recognizes Abigor's reign to last 48 Days

3 CM Puma 1 XWP NXT Take Over: Dallas 2
4 Sean Avery 1 XWP NXT Take Over: Frankfurt 5

It was a Fatal 4 Way Match

It also involved Vixx & Vandy Phoeuk

5 Brown Claw 1 XWP NXT Take Over: Orlando 0 It was an Elimination Chamber Match
6 Brian Zane 1 XWP NXT Take Over: Detroit 1 It was a Tag Team Match
7 Brown Claw 2 XWP NXT Take Over: New Orleans 2+

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