The XWP NXT Championship is the main championship of the 3 Championships in XWP's developmental. Johnny Ken Ellis was the first champion winning a tournament to become the Champion, last beating CM Puma at NXT Take Over: London. Rocky Crippler (Second Reign) is the longest reigning champions at 3 Months+. Johnny Ken Ellis & Tech is the shortest reigning Champions at 1 month. Brendan X is the current champion in his second reign.

Title History Edit

# Wrestler Reign Event Defenses Notes
1 Johnny Ken Ellis 1 NXT Take Over: London 0 Inaugural Champion
2 Jet Omega Elliot 1 NXT Take Over: Chicago 1 It also included Mike House in a Triple Threat Match.
3 Tech 1 NXT Take Over: Dallas 1
4 Jet Omega Elliot 2 NXT Take Over: Seattle 0 It was a Steel Cage Match
5 Mike House 1 NXT Take Over: Brooklyn 1
6 Tank 1 NXT Take Over: Mexico 0
7 Deshawn Jackson 1 NXT Take Over: Los Angeles 1 It was a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match & involved Mike House & Rocky Crippler
8 Rocky Crippler 1 NXT Take Over: San Antonio 0
9 Jacob Steele 1 NXT Take Over: Italy 0
10 Rocky Crippler 2 XWP NXT Take Over: Orlando 2 It was a 6 Man Tag Team Match
11 Brendan X 1 XWP NXT Take Over: New Orleans 1+

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