The XWP Intercontinental Championship is one of six active championships in XWP and it's also the minor championship for Smackdown. PJ Skillz was the first ever champion winning the belt on the first episode against Johnny Extreme. Zack Thompson is the longest reigning champion at 7 months. Phenom is the shortest reigning champion at one day. Rocker is the current champion in his first reign.

Title History Edit

# Wrestler Reign Event Defenses Notes
1 PJ Skillz 1 XWP Episode 1 2 Inaugural Champion
2 Mario Sanchez 1 XWP Unbreakable 0 XWP recognizes Mario's reign to last 36 Days
3 Zack Thompson 1 XWP Summerslam 5
4 Phenom 1 XWP Wrestlemania 1 0
- Vacant 1 XWP SD After Wrestlemania 1 - Phenom was released from his contract
5 Johnny Extreme 1 XWP Betrayal 0 Defeated Anthony Payne & Joshie P to win the belt
6 PJ Skillz 2 XWP Betrayal 1
7 Alieus 1 XWP Money in the Bank S02 1
8 Cycloper 1 XWP Psychopath S02 3
9 Rocker 1 XWP WrestleMania 2 -

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