XWP World Heavyweight Championship
Mahadi Khan (c) vs Brett Storm

XWP Tag Team Championship
The Silver Brothers (Jason Silver & Alex Silver) (c) vs The Lyonhearts (Vixx & Vandy Phoeuk)

No. 1 Contenders Match (6 Man Tag)
Bro Code (Lula, Ginji & Kid Wild) vs Gore, Perkins & ???

Fatal 4 Way for the XWP Intercontinental Championship
Cycloper (c) vs Phenom vs Shadow vs Duncan Cunner

Hardcore Match for the XWP Hardcore Championship
Anthony Payne (c) vs Reggie Killer

Jacob Cass vs PJ Skillz

Jackson Montgomery vs Zack Thompson

Number 1 Contenders Match (World Title)
Alieus vs Matteo

Results Edit

# Results Stipulations
1 Alieus vs Matteo ended in a Double Count Out World Heavyweight Championship Number 1 Contenders Match
2 PJ Skillz def. Jacob Cass Singles Match
3 Jackson Montgomery def. Zack Thompson Singles Match
4 Reggie Killer def. Anthony Payne (c) Hardcore Match for the XWP Hardcore Championship
5 The Lyonhearts (Vixx & Vandy Phoeuk) def. The Silver Brothers (Alex & Jason Silver) (c) by DQ Tag Team Match for the XWP Tag Team Championship
6 Bro Code (Lula, Ginji & Kid Wild) def. Gore, Perkins & Johnny Extreme 6 Man Tag Team Championship Number 1 Contenders Match
7 Cycloper (c) def. Duncan Cunner, Shadow & Phenom Fatal 4 Way for the XWP Intercontinental Championship
8 Mahadi Khan (c) def. Brett Storm Singles Match for the XWP World Heavyweight Championship
  • 1. Brett Storm came out after the match and announced both Alieus & Matteo both Number 1 Contenders.
  • 2. Zack Thompson distracted Cass allowing Skillz to hit the Skillz Clash for the win.
  • 4. PJ Skillz & Reggie Killer attacked Jacob Cass before the match but Anthony Payne saved Cass from any further beatdown. During the match, Brett Storm and Zack Thompson interfered with Brett hitting the Bullhammer on Payne then Zack hitting the Zack Bottom on Payne through a Table.
  • 5. Jason Silver used a chair intentionally DQing the Silver Brothers. After the match, Vixx & Vandy announced that as they both have won 2 NXT Tag Titles, they have officially moved up to the Main Roster, and they are looking for a rematch.
  • 7. After the match, Phenom asked for another match with Cycloper but instead of a 4 Way, Phenom wants a 1 on 1 Match. Which Cycloper accepted thinking Phenom isn't a challenge. Phenom then said that Cycloper is underestimating him, to which Cycloper just laughed.
  • 8. Mahadi Khan would start limping after the match as during the match, Brett Storm applied his Submission Finisher. Also Alieus would appear on stage, and then a brawl ensued between Mahadi & Alieus.

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