X Bullet Club (Max Mercury & Zack Thompson) vs. Morpheus & Matteo

No.1 Contenders 6 Man Battle Royal (World Title): Antho vs. Cesaro vs. PJ Skillz vs. Mario Sanchez vs. Lula vs. Straight Code Star

XWP Tag Team Championship: Heaven's Sexiest Angels (Mr. Macho & Stunning Bradd) (c) vs. X Bullet Club (Seth Turner & Reggie Killer)

Cycloper vs. Rocker

No.1 Contenders Match (IC Title): Mart War vs. Phenom

Duncan Cunner vs. Gore

XWP Hardcore Championship: Kenny Taylor (c) vs. Mr. X


# Results Stipulations
1 Heaven's Sexiest Angels (Stunning Bradd & Mr. Macho) (c) def. X Bullet Club (Seth Turner & Reggie Killer) Steel Cage Tag Team Match for the XWP Tag Team Championship
2 Mario Sanchez def. Cesaro, AnthoStraight Code Star, PJ SkillzLula 6 Man No.1 Contenders Battle Royal to the XWP World Heavyweight Championship at Royal Rumble
3 Mr. X def. Kenny Taylor (c) Extreme Rules Match for the XWP Hardcore Championship
4 Phenom def. Mart War No.1 Contenders Match to the XWP Intercontinental Championship at the Royal Rumble
5 Duncan Cunner def. Gore Singles Match
6 Rocker def. Cycloper Singles Match
7 Morpheus & Matteo def. X Bullet Club (Max Mercury & Zack Thompson) Tag Team Match

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