XWF world heavweight championship

Current XWF World Heavyweight Championship design

The XWF World Heavyweight Championship is one of five current championships in the XWF. It is recognized as the most prestigious championship in whole of the company. Whoever holds it is widely believed to be the pinacle of the companys roster.


As of the Redemption pay per view (released 17/12/12) all the XWF championship belts were given a redesign. The World Championships new look was totally differant from the original, feautring a full gold plate on a black leather belt strap.
Dr Khan as first ever world champ

Dr Khan as first ever XWF World Heavyweight Champion.

Title HistoryEdit

Since the XWF started, there have been numerous World Heavyweight Championship reigns, they are listed below in chronological order :-

  • Dr Khan
  • Knightmare
  • Lord Law
  • Luke Loynes (current)