Xwf tag division championship

XWF Tag Division Championships current design.

The XWF Tag Division Championships make up two of the five current championships in the XWF. They are the only tag wrestling based championship belts.


As of the Redemption pay per view (released 17/12/12) all the XWF championship belts were given a redesign. The Tag Division Championships new look was totally differant, featuring bronze plates on a maroon belt strap.

Title HistoryEdit

Since the XWF started, there have been numerous Tag Division Championship reigns, they are listed below in chronological order :-

  • Birds Of Prey
  • Corporate World Order (C.W.O) Represented by Knightmare and Damage
  • Hardcore Hate Crew
  • Birds of Prey (2nd Reign)
  • Bronx Bunny