XCW (Xtreme Championship Wrestling) was a short-lived CAW promotion run by Johnny Extreme in the year 2015. XCW would come to an end following the merger of XCW & YTW (Youtube Total Wrestling) in the same year.

Chanmpions Edit

XCW Champion - Syn

XCW World Heavyweight Champion - Kid Wild

XCW Intercontinental Champion - Arrow

XCW United States Champion - Rom Buster

XCW Tag Team Champions - Bro Code (Ginji & Kid Wild)

XCW Hardcore Champion - Johnny Extreme

Roster Edit


  • Syn-face XCW champion (current), royal rumble winner 2015
  • Mario-face XCW champion x1
  • antho-face XCW champion x1
  • Rom buster-face US Champion current
  • Jacob Cass-face NxT Chanpion
  • Ginji-face XCW tag team champion (current)
  • Kid Wild- world heavyweight champion (current) XCW tag team champion (current)
  • Lula-face
  • West Cage-heel
  • Jeff Gray-heel
  • Scott Jay-face
  • AJ Reyes-face
  • Nightmare Kid-face
  • Amazing Troy-heel
  • JC Pullin-face
  • raider X-heel
  • Mart War-face
  • Rio Best-heel
  • Phenom-face
  • Blackheron-heel
  • MK-heel

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