X-ray is an original Caw from ELW (Extreme Legacy Wrestling).



ELW (2005-present)Edit

X-ray made his debut as a Raw selection when it was drafting time and the general manager liked him already he was so very talented and the locker room liked and respected him accept the Darkest of all Raw Dark Shade and he was not happy with X-ray getting a title shot for the ELW champion. So the general manager made it fair and put X-ray and Dark shade in a match for the #1 contender spot and X-ray lost meaning Dark Shade got the spot and also at Vengeance he got the ELW champion. Kid Rock had the Hardcore title and X-ray had a shot for the titlle in an tables match and lost with being smashed through 2 tables and not getting the title. X-ray was still face and respected kid Rock  but to the raw general manger he demanded a rematch, so at night of chamions it was Kid Rock vs X-ray in a ladders match and won. While X-ray had the hardcore title he changed it into a hardcore skull title,Domination thought that was a direspect to the hardcore title so domination faced x-ray in a hardcore match and domination won the title and changed it back to the original formation. It was Wrestlemania time and X-ray was in the money in the bank match he won that. Alex wanted the briefcase so bad and X-ray thought he was not worthy to have the Briefcase but since he wanted it so bad X-ray put the title on the line and he lost it. X-ray was so angry, while he was angry he had a match with Jason Howard attacked Jason howard with a chair and turned heel. He then formed a  tag team with bison and were named Corporation-X and they had a match a the bash with Bh3tearz and Corporation-X vs Mario Jason Howard and Harry Pewter and Corporation-X won. In Raw Danger Zone Mario and Alex Richard face the coporation-X in a hell in a cell match for the WWE tag team titles and the Franchise Nation won.

WWE (2013-present)Edit

X-Ray debuted alongside his partner Bison as Corporation-X. Corporation-X's in ring-debut against Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara in winning effort and would become WWE Tag Team Champions at Saturday Night's Main Event.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • Hardcore Champion - 1x


  • WWE Tag Team Champion - 1x, with Bison as Corporation-X

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