The current champion Antho

The WCA World Heavyweight Championship is one of seven current championships in WCA. The first ever champion is Shark, who won the title in a 4 Man Tournament. Shark has the most reigns at 2. The current champion is Shark, who's in his second reign.

Title HistoryEdit

# Wrestler Reign Event Notes
1 Shark 1 WCA Night Of Champions Inuagural Champion
2 Punk 3D 1 WCA Vengeance
3 DJ 1 WCA/YCW Versus
4 Raider X 1 WCA Rebellion
5 Mario Sanchez 1 WCA WrestleMania 1
6 Kid Wild 1 WCA Hell In Georgia 2
7 Big Dad 1 WCA Scramble It was for Big Dad's MITB Contract
8 Lula 1 WCA December To Dismember It was a Hell In A Cell Match
9 David Mill 1 WCA No Mercy It also involved Aero Master
10 AJ Reyes 1 WCA/ELW Versus
11 DeadMan 1 WCA WreslteMania 2 It also involved Savior
- Vacant - WCA Great American Bash WCA was rebooted
12 Antho 1 WCA Great American Bash  He was given the title by Mr. Owens
13 Shark 2 WCA Money In The Bank 2 It was an Extreme Rules Match

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