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Jack 2D is the current champion

The WCA Championship is one of the current seven championships in WCA. It's the most prestigious championship in WCA. The first ever champion is Omega. Omega, TJL, Spike, & Straight Code Star are all tied for the most reigns: 2. The current champion is The Monster, and he is in his first reign.

Title HistoryEdit

# Wrestler Reign Event Notes
1 Omega 1 WCA Crash He is the inaugural champion
2 Black Shadow 1 WCA Hell In Georgia It also involved TJL & Mario Sanchez
3 TJL 1 WCA Summerslam 
4 Hero 1 WCA Night Of Champions It also involved Black, King, Savior, Aero Master, & Icon
5 Icon 1 WCA Vengeance It was an I Quit Match
6 TJL 2 WCA/YCW Versus  
7 Omega 2 WCA Royal Rumble
8 Punk 3D 1 WCA Rebellion It was an Elimination Chamber Match that also involved TJL, Savior, King, & Black
9 Straight Code Star 1 WCA WrestleMania 1
10 Shark 1 WCA Crash 2 It also involved Antho & Rey Extremo
11 King 1 WCA Crash 2 King cashed in his MITB Contract
12 Straight Code Star 2 WCA Money In The Bank  It was a Steel Cage Match
13 Alex Mins 1 WCA Hell In Georgia 2 Alex Mins cashed in his MITB Contract
14 Antho 1 WCA Passport To Pain It was a Last Man Standing Match
15 Ginji 1 WCA/ELW Versus
16 Mario Sanchez 1 WCA Wrestlemania 2 It also involved Lula, Kid Wild, Ginji, Kevin, & B-Mad
17 Spike 1 WCA Uprising It was a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match
18 Jack 2D 1 Non Televised Show
- Vacated - After Great American Bash WCA was rebooted again
19 Spike 2 After Great American Bash
20 The Monster 1 WCA Crash 3

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