CRASH is a CPV of WCA. CRASH is one of the most important CPV in WCA calendar. The show has been celebrating since the season 1.

CRASH (Season 1)Edit

This was the first CPV of WCA. The official theme song of the event was "Crash" by 12 Stones. The highlights of the event are available here . Results:

  • The Colors (Green & Red) def. DJ & AJ to become the new WCA Tag Team Champions.
  • Savior def. King
  • Punk 3D (c) def. Jeff Michael (w/John Michael) to retain the WCA Youtube Championship.
  • Omega def. Black to become the new WCA Champion. During the match, The Colors interfered attacking Omega, but was saved by Punk 3D and slammed Black.

CRASH 2 (Season 2)Edit

The official theme song of the event was "War of Change" by Thousand Foot Krutch and "Crash" by Decyfer Down. The highlights of the event are available here. Results:

  • Joe Angelo (c) def. Alex Mins to become the new WCA National Champion and retain the WCA Cruiserweight Championship to unificate the titles to become the first ever WCA Intercontinental Champion. After that, Hero appeared and celebrated with Angelo.
  • Steve Fire def. Roberto Gonsalez in a Tables match to retain the EYW Championship.
  • Mart Code def. Mr. JD in a Extreme Rules match to win the control of WCA.
  • Cryme Tag (Jeff & John Michael) (c) vs. Bro Code (Lula & Ginji) for the WCA Tag Team Championships ended in a no contest due an interferance by The Killers (Green Power & Red Demon).
  • The Undertaker vs. Omega with Black Shadow as Special Guest Referee ended in Doble Count-Out.
  • The X Brothers (Rob X & Raider X) def. Psycho Killer by disqualification in a Handicap match.
  • Shark def. Straight Code Star (c), Antho and Rey Extremo in a Fatal-4 Way match to become the new WCA Champion. When the match was over, King appeared and cashed in the Money in the Bank contract, becoming the new WCA Champion.
  • Mario Sanchez (w/Abby Cavazos) def. Kid Wild (w/Lula) to retain the WCA World Heavyweight Championship.

CRASH 3 (Season 3)Edit

Match Card:Edit


# Results Stipulations
1 American Bella def. Judy Revel (c) Singles Match for the WCA Divas Championship
2 Crazy One def. Angel de Oro Steel Cage Match
3 Aero Master (c) def. AJ Reyes Singles Match for the WCA YouTube Championship
4 Black Shadow def. Lula Singles Match
5 Arrow & Roberto Gonsalez def. Kevin & Hero Tag Team Match
6 Antho (c) def. Mario Sanchez, Shark, & Mark Morton Fatal 4 Way Match for the WCA World Heavyweight Championship
7 Deadman def. Rocker Singles Match
8 The Monster def. Spike (c) Singles Match for the WCA Championship
9 Omega def. The Undertaker No Holds Barred Match

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