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Vega in WWE'13

Vega is an original CAW, who is currently signed to the CAW promotion ELW (Extreme Legacy Wrestling) and signed with OCW (Online Championship Wrestling) but never appeared.

OCW (2011-2012)Edit

Vega signed a contract with OCW. He was scheduled to face Joe Angelo and Mistico alonside Caesar Dan at Extreme Rules but he had already parted ways with the company.

OWF 2013-present)Edit

Vega signed a contract with OWF (Online Wrestling Federation) after OCW's demise.

ELW (2012-present)Edit

Vega made his ELW debut at Extreme Rules he would then form tag team with The Grish and won the ELW Tag Team Championships alonside The Grish after defeated John X and Justin Blair. Later after wins the titles, the team was called Gangsters but changed their team name to Funky Cool. At Danger Zone Ep. 1, alonside The Grish said

Vega in ELW

they are the best tag team and the best ELW Tag Team Champions in ELW but were interrupted by Flash and Dash where they said they had to prove it and challenged for the titles at The Bash. Vega defeated Dash in the 1st episode of Saturday Night's Main Event. At The Bash, he and The Grish would defends the titles against Flash and Dash.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • ELW Tag Team Champions - 1x With The Grish