Tony Tough is a veteran in ELW he is a 3x ELW champion and a 3x tag team champion with Master Tough. He is from Miami Florida age 38 got in wreslting when he was 20.

Team Tough Edit

Created by the toughest master tough who is now an Alumni. Master Tough was the one who says that ELW Raw barely had Tough guys so he created a team named Team Tough his long friend Tony was now named Tony Tough. Master Tough declared who ever is on team tough have to have a tough in there name. Team Tough Will never die

ELW Debut (2009-present)Edit

Tony Tough debuted by being one of master tough recruits and his tag team partner and his friend the fans loved this army of tough and they had a long reign with the tag team championship. They then lost it to Niko Yoshi and Zie Chang. Master Tough figured that the fans would love a full army so tony talked to mercer and master tough talked to Broke now they have 4 tough in a team- Mercer Tough, Broke Tough, Tony Tough and the Master Tough. They ambushed the big man the fat Slauter Man and Slauter man had some friends so he called Billy Roe and they had a tag match vs Mercer amd Broke and billy roe and Slauter won.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • ELW Champion - 3x
  • World Tag Team Champion - 3x with Master Tough
  • Hardcore Champion - 1x

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