Thunder​ is an original YWE superstar. He was signed with YWE and former 2x Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, 2x Intercontinental Champion and 4x Tag Team Champion.

​YWE (2008-2014; 2017- Present)Edit

​Debut and Power Trip; World Heavyweight ChampionEdit

Feud with Tornado & YWE Intercontinental Champion; Face TurnEdit

Mr. Money In The Bank & Various FeudsEdit

Feud with Dark Shark & 2x Intercontinental Champion; Feud with Jay SamoaEdit

Move to RAW & Heel TurnEdit

The Union & Multiple Tag Team Champion; ReleaseEdit

Return & Rejoining in The Union Edit

At Night of Champions 2017 Thunder make a surprise return by helping AJ Reyes to become YWE champion and he join again in The Union. At Hell in a Cell he tries to help Rogan and Max to beat DoggyDog and Brett Strom but DDog stopped him, after that him Rogan and Max would attack both of them, later he tries to help AJ Reyes to retain the title but Alieus threw him off the cell.

Champion​ships and AccomplishmentsEdit


  • Undisputed Heavyweight Champion - 2x
  • YWE Intercontinental Champion - 2x
  • YWE Tag Team Champion - 4x with PJ Skillz (1), Tornado (1), B-Mad Phoenix (2)
  • Mr. Money In The Bank (2011)
  • First Triple Crown Winner


  • EWE Tag Team Champion - 1x with B-Mad Phoenix