The Natural is an original CAW, who currently signed to ELW (Extreme Legacy Wrestling) and previously to YWE (Youtube Wrestling Entertaiment). He is a fomer Intercontinental Champion and Tag Team Champion.

YWE (2010)Edit

The Natural made his YWE debut at Royal Rumble, competed in the 30-Man Royal Rumble match but failed to win. He was then released from his contract.

ELW (2012-present)Edit

The Natural made his ELW debut in a singles match against in a winning effort. He would then go on to form a tag team with the former YWE's Nathan Byrd. At Royal Rumble, went on to win the ELW Tag Team Championships. On the same night, he would go on to the Royal Rumble Match but failed to win. However the two wouldn't hold the belts for long as they would drop the titles after 2 weeks to The British Luchadores (British Savior and The English Luchador) at Saturday Night's Main Event. At Elimination Chamber, competed in the Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber Match but failed to win, after the match in backstage was attacked by the Intercontinental Champion Burke. At WrestleMania, The Natural would win the Scramble match for the Intercontinental Championship. The Natural would go on to deafeated Burke in his rematch for the title. At Judgment Day, he losing the title against Danny Pearson. On the first episode of Danger Zone, he had his rematch for the title in a Triple Threat match but was defeated by Lula alongside Burke and failed to get the title. At Saturday Night's Main Event, he faced against Burke in an Falls Count Anywhere match in a winning effort. At The Bash, He was supposed to compete in a Battle Royal but was attacked by mystery man.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • ELW Intercontinental Champion - 1x
  • ELW Tag Team Champion - 1x with Nathan Byrd

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