The Guru is a CAW wrestler, who is currently signed to YCW (Youtube Championship Wrestling). He is a former Tag Team Champion in YCW.

YCW (2011-present)Edit

The Guru made his YCW debut in a tag team match with X-Punk know as DX-Factor defeated Bad Guys (The Joker & The Killjoy). At Night of Champions, DX-Factor faced DoMiNicks Brothers for the Tag Team Championships in a lossing effort. At TLC, DX-Factor became Tag Team Champions by defeating The All-Americans (The Patriot & Mr. American) in a Ladder match.

At Royal Rumble, he and X-Punk retained the titles agaisnt The MexMen (Rapido Como Viento & Dhase Jr.). On SmackDown, he and X-Punk made an promo were was interrumped by Xtreme Icons (Justin Blair & John X) and challenged them in a lossing effort in match were the belts was not on the line. At WrestleMania 1, he and X-Punk successfully defended the titles against The MexMen (Rapido Como Viento & Dhase Jr.). However, then they lost the titles against Johan Nylund & Hollywood in a Tag Team Turmoil. He and X-Puk was present in the Post WrestleMania episode of RAW, were they was attacked by X-Alliance during an interview. He and X-Punk was scheduled to face X-Alliance in a Tornado Tag Rules match at Extreme Rules.

Championship History & Other AccomplishmentsEdit


  • Tag Team Champions - 1x, with X-Punk as DX-Factor

Finishing and Signature MoveEdit

Finishing Move(s)

  • Swanton Bomb
  • Twist Of Fate

Signature Move(s)

  • Side Effect
  • Whisper In the Wind

Entrance Song(s)Edit

  • "Break It Down" by Run DMC (2011-present) (Used when teaming with X-Punk as DX-Factor)
  • Hardy Boyz Unused WrestleMania X8 Theme (2011-2013)
  • "No More Words for the Moment" (Jeff & Matt Hardy Mash-Up) (2013-present)

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