The Grebbell, real name Daniel Grebbell is a professional Wrestler currently signed to the XWF. He is currently a member of the "T-Unit" Faction.
The Grebbel 1

The Grebbell

Early Years 2005 - 2008Edit

The Grebbell spent most of his early years in the indies, starting out in the CWA before he moved on to the CSOW. Once he arrived in the CSOW he joined T-Unit with fellow members Havok, Fosher, Fatt Matt, Thorndy and Handly. T-Unit would go on to hold the CSOW tag team championships for a record breaking reign of 364 days.

XWF CareerEdit

The Owner signed The Grebbell alongside Havok and Fosher, bringing them in with the intention of expanding the tag division. The Grebbell has seen reasonable ammount of screen time since XWF's inception inlcuding Pay Per View matches and regular apperances on Shockwave and Aftershock.

Finishing and Signature MovesEdit

Finishing Move(s)

  • Grebbell 1-2

Signatures Move(s)

  • Man Slap

XWF Title HistoryEdit

Fosher currently has no title history in the XWF.

Other Title HistoryEdit

  • 1 x CSWO Tag Team Champion

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