Tee Michaels is a wrestler from the world of CAW. He is currently signed to XWP where he has a developmental contract where he competes in NXT in the UK Championship Division.

XWP (2017-Present) Edit

XWP NXT & United Kingdom Champion Edit

Tee Michaels would make his XWP Debut in the United Kingdom Championship Tournament where he beat The Caretaker in the first round and beat Killer Kai in the second round. He would lose to Shaun The Saint in the Semi Finals. At Take Over: Mexico, Tee Michaels would defeat Casey Jakobs to become number 1 contender to the United Kingdom Championship. On the NXT after Take Over: Mexico, he would defend his number 1 contendership status successfully against Mohammad Khan. At Take Over: Los Angeles, Michaels would lose to Champion Zachary Welch. At Summerslam, in a special UK Championship Showcase, Tee Michaels would win the United Kingdom Championship defeating Shaun The Saint & Zachary Welch. At Take Over: London 2, Tee Michaels would retain the Title against Zachary Welch in the main event. At Take Over: San Antonio, Tee would lose the title to Basher Malone. At Take Over: Italy, Tee Michaels would compete in a 6 Man Ladder Match for the UK Title in an unsuccessful effort. At Take Over: Orlando, Tee Michaels would lose to Shaun The Saint in the first round of a mini No. 1 Contenders Tournament.

Championships & Accomplishments Edit


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