No Mercy
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Promotion Total Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) Smackdown
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Last Event TWE Unforgiven
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No.1 Contenders Match (World Title for Later in the Night)
ED Master vs. Silvio

No.1 Contenders Match (World Title)
Shadow vs. Triple X

TWE Intercontinental Championship
DoggyDog (c) vs. ???

Extreme Rules Match for the TWE Hardcore Championship
Johnny Extreme (c) vs. Jacob Cass

TWE Divas Championship
Sue (c) vs. Aze Salda/Heather Mason/Kerri Winters

No.1 Contenders Tag Team Match (IC Title)
Mart War & Jake Navor vs. Jason Daniel & Vixx

Maxakrer vs. Devin Sanchez


# Results Stipulations
1 Maxakrer def. Devin Sanchez Singles Match
2 Shane Hayes def. Kobra Singles Match
3 Sue (c) w/Mario Sanchez def. Heather Mason Singles Match for the TWE Divas Championship
4 Mart War & Jake Navor def. Vixx & Jason Daniel Tag Team Match
5 DoggyDog (c) def. Mr. Amazing Singles Match for the TWE Intercontinental Championship
6 DoggyDog (c) def. Manny Lopez Singles Match for the TWE Intercontinental Championship
7 ED Master def. Silvio Singles Match; Winner faces Vandy in the Main Event
8 Aze Salda def. Kerri Winters Singles Match
9 Jacob Cass def. Johnny Extreme (c) Extreme Rules Match for the TWE Hardcore Championship
10 Shadow def. Triple X Singles Match
11 Vandy Phoeuk (c) def. ED Master Singles Match for the TWE World Heavyweight Championship
  • 1 - After the match, Alieus would appear and attack Maxakrer as revenge for laying him out at Lockout a couple of PPVs ago.
  • 4 - The Anarchist (David Mill & Raiden) would attack Mart War & Jake Navor after the match.
  • 5 - DoggyDog would cut a promo on being impatient having to wait to defend the belt until now and demanded strong competition.
  • 6 - Mike House would rush into the ring and get up in the face of DoggyDog, warning Doggy his intention of being his next challenger.
  • 7 - Vandy would attack ED Master after the match.
  • 9 - Rocky'N would beat down Johnny Extreme after the match.
  • 10 - Triple X would attempt an attack on Shadow before Shadow rolled out of the ring, then Triple X attacked the referee out of frustration.

Miscellanous Facts:Edit

  • New TWE World Heavyweight Champion Vandy Phoeuk came to cut a promo on his victory and his plan to not defend the title tonight at No Mercy. ED Master would come out to interrupt and announce his intention to defeat Silvio and gain a title shot against Vandy later in the night.
  • AWC World Heavyweight Champion Shawn would congratulate Vandy backstage for winning the title and dissed other champions such as TWE Champion Troy & former TWE World Champion ED Master.