The Bash 2012 Pre-Show Ekara & Shawn Owins vs03:44

The Bash 2012 Pre-Show Ekara & Shawn Owins vs. John X & Justin Black

Shawn Owins is his real name and he is currnetly in the Extreme Legacy Wrestling company (ELW) and he is also the tag team partner of Ekara

Debut in 2009-presentEdit

Shawn Debuted as a free agent recruited into Smackdown and he had his forst match with Billy roe and lost. In the locker room the Intercontinental champion Dash invited Shawn to be in the battle royal match for his championship. Other participants had Jeff Hardy,The Natural , Icon, and John Justify. But in a winnig effort Shawn Owins won. the humilated the people eliminated. Dash and Shawn met at backlash and he won with the debut of his friend Ekara helping him. Shawn Held it until he lost it to John Justify. Flash and dash were angry at Shawn and Ekara for that cheap shot so they had a great match at Vengence and Flash and Dash won the tornado match. It was draft time and Ekara and Shawn Ownis went to Danger Zone and they then met the American Clocks beat that team and had the tag team champions. Then there was Slaughter who was ready for a match so shawn and Ekara challenge him they both got injured. They retuned to the bash pre show but in a losing effort vs John X and Justin blair. Shawn Owins and Ekara were going to have a tag team championship match but they were attacked by the United Kingdom. As the beast boys and UK were having there match it ended in a no-contest because Shawn and Ekara came out and attacked UK and the beast boys.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • World Tag Team Champion - 1x with Ekara

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