Seth Turner is a Wrestler from the World of CAW. He is a member of X Bullet Club and is currently signed to YXW, XWP, IWA, ECCW & EEW.

YXW (2016-Present) Edit

Debut & 2X Bullet Club Edit

Seth Turner would make his YXW Debut at St. Valentines Day Massacre, competing in a 6 Man Battle Royal which he would lose voluntarily, forming the villainous heel stable, X Bullet Club. At WrestleMania, Seth would compete in the MITB Ladder match but would be unsuccessful. On Superstars after WM, Seth would team with Zack Thompson beating New Generation (Brett Storm & Dice). Also on that night Seth Turner would win his first Championship, winning the 24/7 Championship. He would successfully defend it at Extreme Rules but would lose it to Casablanca thanks to the 24/7 rule. At Summerslam, Seth would enter the Aztec Warfare match at Number 13. He would not eliminate anyone before being eliminated by Christian Styles. At Road To Gold, Seth would lose to Sean Avery. At Survivor Series, Seth would take part in the beatdown of Brett Storm after his second YTW Title win. Seth Turner would enter the Royal Rumble but would be eliminated by Tony Wolf. At WrestleMania, Seth would beat Demon Extreme. At Money in the Bank, Seth would lose in the MITB Ladder Match. At Hell in a Cell, Seth would lose inside Hell in a Cell. He would blame Max Mercury (who was also in the match) and would be left by Max Mercury even when he got attacked by Ghostface.

XWP (2016-Present) Edit

Season 1: Tag Team & Internet Champion Edit

Seth Turner would make his XWP Debut teaming with fellow XBC Teammate Reggie Killer beating Mario Sanchez & Phenom on Smackdown after Pride. At Outlaw, Seth would team with Zack Thompson & Reggie Killer to beat Matteo, Mario Sanchez & Phenom. At Unbreakable, Seth would compete in the MITB Ladder match but would be unsuccessful. At Summerslam, Seth Turner would win his first Title in XWP when he teamed with Reggie Killer to beat Team Bring It to become Tag Team Champions. At Nightmares, (Seth along with Reggie) would retain the Titles against Team Bring It after DoggyDog allowed them to win when he joined X Bullet Club. At Survivor Series, Seth and Reggie would lose the Tag Titles to Stunning Bradd & Mr Macho. Seth and Reggie would lose their rematch at Destruction. At Royal Rumble, Seth would enter at Number 1 and would last a whopping 34 Minutes 11 Seconds before being eliminated by Mahadi Khan. On the Smackdown before WrestleMania, Seth Turner would beat Morpheus (with some help from X Bullet Club) to win the Internet Title (making him champion in IWA & ECCW as well). At WrestleMania, he would successfully defend the Title against Lula.

Season 2: Move to Raw & Cruiserweight Champion Edit

On the Raw after WM, Seth Turner would be drafted to Raw. As he was Internet Champion though he competed on both brand's CPVs. Seth Turner would defend his Title against Ginji at Betrayal. At ECCW's Total Domination Show, Seth would lose his Internet Title. At Outlaw, Seth Turner would confront Chris Danger after he beat Roacher. At Reckoning, Seth Turner would win the Cruiserweight Title in a Fatal 4 Way. At Money in the Bank, Seth would successfully defend the Title against Chris Danger. At Summerslam, he would lose the Title to Francaios in a 6 Man Ladder Match. He faced Cruiserweight Champion Sean Avery (who beat Francaios at a House Show) at Nightmares S02 in a losing effort. On the Survivor Series Pre-Show, Seth would team with Zachary Welch to defeat Arrow & Jet Omega Elliot.

Championships & Accomplishments Edit






  • YIFW Tag Team Champion - 1x (Final) with Reggie Killer


  • EYE Cruiserweight Champion - 1x (Current)

*Recognized as Internet Champion in XWP, IWA & ECCW

**Seth, Reggie & Kenny defended the Titles under the Freebird Rule