30 Man Royal Rumble Match

SWE World Heavyweight Championship-Last Man Standing Match: Sdollao (c) vs. Francesco

SWE Championship-Steel Cage Match: Carlettinho (c) vs. Rocker

Lula vs. Trevor Nitro

SWE World Tag Team Championship: The Corporation (Rogan & Bad News Bennett) vs. Bro Code (Ginji & Kid Wild)

No.1 Contenders Match: Antho vs. Kenneth

I Quit Match: Dark Shark vs. Jacob Cass

SWE United States Championship: Mario Sanchez (c) vs. DJ Hero


# Results Stipulations
1 Mario Sanchez def. DJ Hero Singles Match for the SWE United States Championship
2 Jacob Cass def. Dark Shark I Quit Match
3 Kenneth def. Antho No.1 Contenders Match
4 Bro Code (Ginji & Kid Wild) def. The Corporation (Bad News Bennett & Rogan) by DQ Tag Team Match for the SWE World Tag Team Championship
5 Lula def. Trevor Nitro Singles Match
6 Carlettinho (c) def. Rocker Steel Cage Match for the SWE Championship
7 Sdollao (c) def. Francesco Last Man Standing Match for the SWE World Heavyweight Championship
8 Joshie P won by last eliminating Mario Sanchez 30 Man Royal Rumble Match

30 Man Royal Rumble MatchEdit

Draw Entry


Eliminated By
1 DJ Hero 6 Mattista
2 Phenom 4 Jacob Cass
3 Rio Best 1 PJ Skillz
4 Carlo Maria 5 DJ Hero
5 PJ Skillz 3 Mattista
6 Rogan 2 Phenom
7 Mattista 8 Jacob Cass
8 Santen 11 Silvio & Jacob Cass
9 Jacob Cass 14 Antho
10 Jack 2D 7 Jacob Cass
11 Bad News Bennett 9 Santen
12 Kenneth 10 Antho
13 Antho 16 Mario Sanchez
14 Silvio 17 Mario Sanchez
15 Francesco U.Asta 12 Antho
16 Grim 13 Straight Code Star
17 Straight Code Star 15 Grim
18 Mario Sanchez 29 Joshie P
19 AJ Reyes 19 Lula
20 Triple X 20 Ginji
21 Joshie P N/A Winner
22 Lula 27 Mario Sanchez
23 Kid Wild 18 Mario Sanchez
24 Ginji 24 Joshie P
25 Trevor Nitro 21 Ginji
26 Hunter 23 Mario Sanchez
27 DoggyDog 22 Mario Sanchez
28 Kevin 26 Joshie P
29 Arrow 25 Lula
30 Dark Shark 28 Mario Sanchez

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