SWE Elimination Chamber 2014
Promotion Silvio's Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) {{{brand}}}
Date February 23, 2014
Venue Target Center
City Minneapolis, Minnesota
Theme song One For The Money by Escape The Fate

The Crazy Ones by Stellar Rivival

Last Event SWE Royal Rumble 2014
Next Event SWE WrestleMania 1
World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber: Carlettinho (c) vs. Francesco vs. Morris vs. Babbo Natale vs. Carlo Maria vs. Jacob Cass

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber: Silvio The Dragon (c) vs. Shadow vs. Piero vs. Francesco U. Asta vs. Santan vs. SDollao

NXT Championship Elimination Chamber: Kenneth (c) vs. Mario Sanchez vs. DJ Hero vs. PJ Skillz vs. Dark Shark vs. Hunter

Extreme Rules Match: Rocker vs. Arrow

World Tag Team Championship: Evolution vs. The Killers

WWE United States Championship Ladder Match: Matista (c) vs. The Emo

Morris vs. Kurt Angle


# Results Stipulations
1 Kurt Angle def Morris Singles Match
2 The Emo def Mattista (c) Ladder Match for the SWE United States Championship
3 Evolution (Sdollao & Carlo Maria) (c) def The Killers (The Punk & Drogy) Tag Team Match for the SWE World Tag Team Championship
4 Rocker def Green Arrow Extreme Rules Match
5 Mario Sanchez def PJ Skillz, Kenneth (c), DJ Hero, Hunter, & Dark Shark Elimination Chamber Match for the NXT Championship
6 Silvio (c) def Shadow, Sdollao, Piero, Santan, & Francesco U. Asta Elimination Chamber Match for the SWE Championship
7 Carlettenho (c) def Jacob Cass, Carlo Maria, Morris, Francesco, & Babbo Natale Elimination Chamber Match for the SWE World Heavyweight Championship

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