ELW Upcoming CAW Superstar Rodney Bronk Entrance

ELW Upcoming CAW Superstar Rodney Bronk Entrance

 Just got recruted from ELW and he will debut in Raw soon his knickname is the Ruthless Ram

What he wants throughout his CareerEdit

They interviewed Rodney Bronk and he said "I will do the best as I can but i know training into in a upcoming wrestling show for Superstars will be a better chance for me to get into ELW since Domination is already in.I want to win the ELW championship from Franchise Player or whoever has it i will be champ.He calls himself the Ruthless Ram and never going to stop until he gets want he wants.

Rodney Bronk Debut-PresentEdit

"The Ruthless Ram" Rodney Bronk made his debut at Money in the bank 2013 by disrupting the ceremoney by attacking Franchise Player and Burke. Franchise player wanted an explanation for attacking him at MITB in Raw but all rodney bronk gave him is another ruthless attack.