Roberto Gonsalez

Roberto Gonsalez in WCA

Roberto Gonsalez is a original CAW, who currently signed to WCA (Wrestling Championship Attitude), YCW (Youtube Championship Wrestling), ELW (Extreme Legacy Wrestling) and YFW (Youtube Full Wrestling).

WCA (2013-present)Edit


Roberto Gonsalez made his WCA debut at Crash 2 where he took on Steve Fire for the EYW Championship in a lossing effort. He competed in the EYW Money in the Bank ladder match but lost to Rey Extremo (Angel de Oro). He is scheduled to compete in a Fatal-4 Way match for the Intercontinental Championship against Joe Angelo, David Mill and Dragon Ki at Fatal 4 Way.

YCW (2013-present)Edit

Debut, X Team and various feudsEdit

It was reported that Roberto Gonsalez had signed a contract with YCW (Youtube Championship Wrestlng). Roberto Gonsalez made his YCW debut at WrestleMania 1 attacking Mario Sanchez alongside The X Team (Raider X, Rob X and Bison). At Hanging Tough, he teamed up with Bison to face Mario Sanchez and The Franchise Player in a losing effort. At RAW, he and Rob X attacked DX-Factor during an interview. 

ELW (2013-present)Edit


It was reported that Roberto Gonsalez had signed a contract with ELW (Extreme Legacy Wrestling). Roberto Gonsalez made his ELW debut at Money in the Bank in a 6 man battle royal defeated David Mill, Richochet, Steve Impact, Cosmic and Shane Robinson to become the #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

YFW (2014-present)Edit

It was reported that Roberto Gonsalez had signed a contract with YFW (Youtube Full Wrestling).

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit


  • Intercontinental Champion - 1x


  • Youtube Champion - 2x 

Finishing and Signature MovesEdit

Finishing Move(s)

  • Skull Crushing Finale
  • Reality Check

Signature Move(s)

  • Swinging Inverted DDT
  • Snap DDT

Entrance SongEdit

  • "I Came to Play" by Downstait (2013-present)

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