Winning the REW Tag Team titles at Global Wars

Rebellion is a tag team that debuted in DWF and then went to RpW, REW, XWP (where they have a developmental contract) and other promotions

DWF (2016-present)Edit

Season 1: The Revolution & Tag Team ChampionsEdit

Season 2: Various FeudsEdit

Season 3: 2x Tag ChampionsEdit

RpW (2016-present)Edit

Season 1: Various Feuds & RpW Tag Team ChampionsEdit

Season 2: Team Breakup & FeudEdit

TWE (2016-present)Edit

It was reported Rebellion (David Mill & Dustin Martinez) had signed a contract with TWE (Total Wrestling Entertainment), but their debut was unknown. Rebellion would make their debuts at TWE Lockout where they competed in a No.1 Contenders Tag Team Gauntlet Match. Rebellion would enter fourth and would eliminate two teams - Evolution (Sdollao & Mattista) and Kevin Needle & Jack 2D - before being eliminated by the winners Attitude Honor (Mario Sanchez & Scott Jay).

REW (2017-Present)Edit

Debut & REW Tag Team ChampionsEdit

Rebellion (David Mill & Dustin Martinez) debuted at Global Wars against SWED and would pull out the victory to become the first Tag Team Champions in REW.

XWP (2017-present) Edit

XWP NXT & NXT Tag Team Champions Edit

Rebellion debuted for XWP in their developmental brand NXT at Take Over: Mexico in a Tag Team Turmoil match for the NXT Tag Team Championships. They would enter third and would eliminate the rest of the Teams (Xtreme Underdogs, Wolfpac & Faces of Fear) to win the NXT Tag Team Titles. Rebellion would retain their titles at Take Over: London 2, but they would lose the titles to The Faces of Fear at Take Over: San Antonio. At Take Over: Italy, Rebellion would win the NXT Tag Titles in a rematch from The Faces of Fear, but they would lose the titles to The Lyonhearts in the next match.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • DWF Tag Team Championships (2x)


  • RpW Tag Team Championships (1x)


  • REW Tag Team Championships (1x, Current)


  • XWP NXT Tag Team Championships (2x)

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