RPW Summerslam is annual CAW Pay Per View held in August. It is one of the Big Four CPVs along with Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, & WrestleMania. It's known for the biggest CPV of the summer and is known for its big matches.


Season 1: SummerslamEdit

  • RpW World Heavyweight Championship Open Challenge
  • Mr. X vs. K2K
  • RpW Hardcore Championship: Johnny Extreme (c) vs. The Beast
  • Last Man Standing Match: Arrow vs. Trevor Shaw
  • MITB Briefcase Ladder Match: Chris Parker (h) vs. DoggyDog
  • Adrian Black & Casablanca vs. The Cause (Austin North & Damien Wolfe)
  • RpW United States Championship (TLC Match): Mart War (c) vs. Devin Sanchez
  • Inferno Match: Kurt Alexander vs. 2-Faced
  • RpW Tag Team Championship: Blade Bros (c) vs. Rebellion (David Mill & Dustin Martinez)
  • Demon Spyke vs. Vinny Vega


# Results Stipulations
1 Tommy Turbo def. The Dog Singles Match
2 2-Faced def. Kurt Alexander Inferno Match
3 Devin Sanchez def. Mart War (c) TLC Match for the RpW United States Championship
4 Rebellion (David Mill & Dustin Martinez) def. Blade Bros (c) Tag Team Match for the RpW Tag Team Championship
5 Johnny Extreme (c) def. The Beast by DQ Singles Match for the RpW Hardcore Championship
6 Chris Parker (h) def. DoggyDog Ladder Match for the MITB Briefcase
7 Adrian Black & Casablanca def. The Cause (Austin North & Damien Wolfe) Tag Team Match
8 Victor X def. Silvio by Count Out Singles Match
9 K2K def. Mr. X Singles Match
10 Mario Sanchez (c) def. Antho Singles Match for the RpW World Heavyweight Championship
11 Chris Parker def. Mario Sanchez (c) Singles Match for the RpW World Heavyweight Championship
  • 3 - After the match, Mart War revealed a Plan B and then Mr. Black showed up and speared the life out of the new U.S Champion Devin Sanchez
  • Demon Spyke was scheduled to face Vinny Vega, but attacked him on the entrance ramp prior to the match. Demon Spyke would then speak about how he is being wasted in the mid card and deserves to be in the main event, by answering Mario's Open Challenge. Then Tyson Victor would make his debut and get into a fight with Demon Spyke.
  • During a backstage segment, it was revealed that Trevor Shaw had not shown up and that his match with Arrow had now been rescheduled to Night of Champions.
  • 8 - Victor X would make his RpW Debut as the mystery opponent for Silvio
  • 9 - After the match, Mr. X would turn Heel after he gave K2K a low blow
  • 10 - Antho would make his RpW Debut by answering Mario's Open Challenge
  • 11 - Chris Parker would cash in his MITB Briefcase after Antho turned Heel and AKO'ed Mario allowing for Chris to take the win

Season 2: SummerslamEdit

  • RpW World Heavyweight Championship: Straight Code Star (c) vs. Jake Navor w/Jonathan Storm
  • RpW Championship (Title vs. Career Match): Demon Spyke (c) vs. Mr. X
  • AWC Championship: Rocky N' (c) vs. Chris Parker
  • Mario Sanchez w/Malcolm Brown vs. Devin Sanchez w/AJ Reyes
  • Casablanca vs. Matt
  • RpW Extreme Championship (Ladder Match): Max Mercury (c) vs. Mike House
  • No.1 Contenders Loser Leaves RpW Match: David Mill vs. Dustin Martinez
  • RpW Tag Team Championship Open Challenge
  • RpW Intercontinental Championship & RpW United States Championship: K2K (c) vs. Johnny Extreme (c)


# Results Stipulations
1 Team Bring It! (DoggyDog & Arrow) def. SWED (Roacher & Francaios) (c) Tag Team Match for the DWF Tag Team Championship
2 Dustin Martinez def. David Mill by DQ No.1 Contenders Loser Leaves RpW Match
3 Max Mercury (c) def. Mike House Ladder Match for the RpW Extreme Championship
4 Matt def. Casablanca Singles Match
5 Johnny Extreme (c) def. K2K (c)  No Holds Barred Match for the RpW United States Championship & the RpW Intercontinental Championship
6 Mario Sanchez w/Malcolm Brown def. Devin Sanchez w/AJ Reyes Singles Match
7 Rocky N' (c) def. Chris Parker Singles Match for the AWC Championship
8 Mr. X def. Demon Spyke (c) Title vs. Career Match for the RpW Championship
9 Straight Code Star (c) def. Jake Navor w/Jonathan Storm Singles Match for the RpW World Heavyweight Championship

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