RPW Rival is an annual Caw Pay-Per View held usually in June. In Season 1, The first RpW Rival took place after the RAW After Extreme Rules Special. In Season 2, Rival II was moved to before Extreme Rules S2 and after the RAW After WrestleMania Special.


Season 1: Rival IEdit

  • RpW World Heavyweight Championship: Mario Sanchez (c) vs. Brett Wheeler
  • RpW Hardcore Championship: The Beast (c) vs. Justin Starr vs. Johnny Extreme
  • DoggyDog vs. Casablanca
  • Last Man Standing Match: Trevor Young vs. Chris Parker
  • Steel Cage Match: Demon Spyke vs. ACH
  • SWED (Roacher & Francaios) vs. K2X (Mr. X & K2K)
  • RpW Intercontinental Championship: Adrian Black (c) vs. Austin North
  • RpW United States Championship: The Dog (c) vs. Devin Sanchez
  • RpW Tag Team Championship: Blade Bros (c) vs. Rebellion (David Mill & Dustin Martinez)
  • Trevor Shaw vs. Antonio


# Results Stipulations
1 Trevor Shaw def. Antonio Singles Match
2 Blade Bros (c) def. Rebellion (David Mill & Dustin Martinez) Tag Team Match for the RpW Tag Team Championship
3 The Dog (c) def. Devin Sanchez Singles Match for the RpW United States Championship
4 Adrian Black (c) def. Austin North Singles Match for the RpW Intercontinental Championship
5 SWED (Roacher & Francaios) def. K2K 2 On 1 Handicap Match
6 Demon Spyke def. A.C.H Steel Cage Match
7 Casablanca def. DoggyDog Singles Match
8 The Beast (c) def. Johnny Extreme & Justin Starr Triple Threat Match for the RpW Hardcore Championship
9 Mario Sanchez (c) def. Brett Wheeler Singles Match for the RpW World Heavyweight Championship
  • 1 - After the match, Trevor Shaw challenged anyone who thinks they can beat them when a new superstar, 2-Faced, debuted and attack Shaw
  • 3 - Shadow was originally the Special Guest Referee for the match, but was accidently taken out when The Dog struck Shadow, which he meant for Devin
  • 5 - Prior to the match, Mr. X would be attacked backstage by a mysterious assailant. Also, Luke Bryan would be attacked backstage by Sinister.

Season 2: Rival IIEdit

  • RpW World Heavyweight Championship: Jake Navor (c) vs. DoggyDog vs. Casablanca
  • RpW Championship: Mart War (c) vs. Mr. X vs. Demon Spyke
  • RpW United States Championship (Ladder Match): Tyson Victor (c) vs. Kevin
  • Handicap Match: Devin Sanchez & AJ Reyes vs. Mario Sanchez
  • RpW Intercontinental Championship: K2K (c) vs. Jack Reacher
  • RpW Hardcore Championship (Extreme Rules Match): Mike House (c) vs. Arrow 
  • RpW Tag Team Championship: SWED (Roacher & Francaios) (c) vs. Kevin Turbo & Johnny Turbo
  • David Mill vs. Dustin Martinez


# Results Stipulations

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