RCW Edit

after a brief intermission of superstars quitting RCW including RCW champion Apec Aries. RCW has been held under new management. Coach John the original Owner has taken back his company and is the owner. Johnny Ellis holds the record for most RCW Championships (4), Jose Sypke hold the record with the longest reign (1460 day).

Championships Edit

RCW World Championship - Mahadi Khan

RCW Television Championship - Zack Thompson

RCW Intercontinental Championship - Ethan Syndicate

RCW Hardcore Championship - Sam Jones

RCW Tag Team Championship - The Silver Brothers (Alex Silver & Jason Silver)

Roster Edit

Main Roster:Edit

Women's Roster:Edit

  • Roxy Powers
  • Xouxou Chen

Tag Teams:Edit

  • Chaos & Pain
  • The Silver Brothers (Alex Silver & Jason Silver)
  • The Vipers (Darren Jackson & Leon Zimmerman)



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