RCW (Retarded Caw Wrestling) is a CAW indie promotion run by current CAW wrestlers and RCW veterans Johnny Extreme, Mr. X, & Vixx. 


RCW (Retarted Caw Wrestling) was first made in 2005 back in the non-television era. The Origan Owner was Coach John And first champion was Johnny Ellis (Defeasted Vixx and Mr.X) (Johnny Extreme) at homecoming and the longest reigning champion is Jose Spyke ((Defeat Coach John) gDemon Sypke). And went untelivised at homecoming 2010 in the main event were Shadow faced Johnny K. Ellis after Johnny won the title for the 3rd time and the final time. Until Now on August 14th Johnny decided to gather the original 2 members (Vixx and Mr.X) and now the RCW (the best Indie Show) has been televised to bring the best talen. Channel YT is the RCW Network. GM is Johnny Extreme and Commentators are Vixx and Mr.X.




  • Hardcore Playground
  • Cell Out
  • One Night Only
  • WarZone
  • ShameDown
  • Rare Terror
  • Royal Rumble
  • Road To Gold
  • HomeComing

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