Wrestlemania 1
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Promotion Renegade Caw Federation
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Last Event RCF Elimination Chamber S01
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RCF Championship
Darien Dupes (c) vs. Amon Drake

RCF World Heavyweight Championship
Pandurinho (c) vs. Arrow/Ryan Hunter

Hell In A Cell Match
William Parker vs. CHAOS

Loser Leaves RCF Match
Max Styles vs. Shinigami

Winner Faces RCF World Heavyweight Champion Pandurinho
Arrow vs. Ryan Hunter

RCF Intercontinental Championship
A. King (c) vs. Johnny Ellis

RCF United States Championship Match

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Jacob Cass vs. Brendan X vs. Casey Walker vs. DoggyDog vs. ??? vs. ???


Max Styles vs Shinigami | Loser leaves RCF (two great guys in RCF, but both these two know there's only room for one phenomenal superstar).

William Parker vs CHA0S | Hell in a Cell (William said that Chaos screwed him over back at the rumble, and Parker vowed that at Mania, he will slay Chaos and remove his mask.)

RCF World Heavyweight Championship Pandurinho vs. Arrow/Ryan Hunter: Winner fights RCF World Champion Pandurinho (Arrow and Ryan were originally suppose to just fight at Mania, but Ryan returned at the rumble and won it. But Arrow wanted at Pandurinho, GM Barnett decided to make these two fight, where winner fights Pandurinho).

RCF Championship Darien Dupes vs Amon Drake: Two of the most underrated wrestlers in the caw community, while Darien pulled an upset at EC, Amon beat Brendan to choose his championship match; he decided to target Darien and cement his career at Mania.


# Results Stipulations

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